Vizio Launches Interactive Streaming Shopping Service with QVC+ and HSN+ Integration

Yesterday, on June 1, Vizio introduced a new free, interactive streaming shopping service on their Smart TVs, which includes QVC+ and HSN+, two world leaders in multiplatform video commerce.

Typically, Vizio is known for providing millions of households with easy access to their favorite movies, television shows, and other entertainment options.

However, for the first time, Vizio has added this fully shoppable app to their devices.

With this new feature, viewers can now access approximately 200 original streaming-only shows, including various programs like “In the Spirit with Lindsay and Curtis,” “Design School with Ballard Designs,” and “My Best Friend’s Kitchen with Gaby Dalkin.”

And the main part is, they can buy products while watching live channels and videos on demand!

In a press release, Chris Tanquary, Senior Director of Business Development at Vizio, stated,

“We believe that shopping is an integral part of our daily lives, and we are committed to bringing convenience and innovation to Vizio Smart TVs. With the addition of the QVC+ and HSN+ shopping app, Vizio users will have seamless access to a world of curated products and shopping experiences in both live and on-demand formats.”

David Apostolico, Senior Vice President of Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution at Qurate Retail Group, expressed excitement about the partnership with Vizio.

He stated that QVC+ and HSN+ can now provide their most comprehensive livestream shopping experience to Vizio Smart TV users. The convenience of accessing live, on-demand, and streaming-only content all in one place simplifies the process of discovering and purchasing the products that viewers love.