Vizio TVs Now Offer Disney Bundle and ESPN App for Direct Streaming

Vizio smart TVs have just become even smarter!

Now, you can find the Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, as well as the ESPN App, directly on your Vizio television.

This means you don’t need additional devices like Roku or Fire TV to access these apps. You can simply enjoy your favorite shows and sports right on your Vizio TV.


Disney is excited about this partnership because it opens up a huge audience of Vizio customers for them to offer their services to. The ESPN App, in particular, gives you access to select games and sports programming.

If you have a cable package, you can also use the app to watch live streams of networks like ESPN 2 and ESPN 3.

Chris Tanquary, senior director of business development at Vizio, said,

“With our expanded relationship with Disney, VIZIO audiences can now enjoy the ESPN app, ESPN+, and the Disney Bundle Trio, offering a wide selection of live sports and entertainment.”

Vizio has even curated a special Football Kickoff collection on their smart TV platform just in time for NFL and college football season.

However, to access the Disney+ app, you just need to download it via the SmartCast TV platform and then you will be able to access the Disney bundle instantly!

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