10 sources of dust that can easily make your house dusty

Our shoes get covered with mud, grass, and dirt when we are in the garden. It dries out when we pull it inside of our shoes and becomes a major source of dust buildup.

As we dress, undress, and make our beds, we constantly shed fibers from our beds and clothes. Because of our activities, the bedroom is perhaps the dustiest spot in the house.

Carpets are often made from synthetic or natural textiles, just like clothing. Lots of fibers are released into the air when we walk over floor coverings or sit on the sofa.

Bread and cake crumbs are another source of dust on the floor. They get crushed to the extent that tiny particles get lifted into the air and land on surfaces.

We regularly lose hair from our bodies, including the hair on our heads, eyebrows, and eyelashes. These are significant sources of home dust.

Spores in the walls from fungi and the crumbly timber fragments are just another source of dust that can easily make your house dusty.

Every plastic item we use in the house, including bags, tools, and appliances, releases small plastic particles known as microplastic, Over time, they become dust.