Bridgerton has become one of the most popular period dramas on Netflix since its release, and fans are eagerly waiting for the third season. In the meantime, there are other shows like Bridgerton that you can watch.

1. Queen Charlotte (A Bridgerton Story)

A prequel series to Bridgerton that tells the origin story of Queen Charlotte during the early days of her marriage to King George III.

2. Dangerous Liaisons

An adaptation of the scandalous 18th century novel that follows impoverished lovers in Paris and their plans to improve their fortunes through blackmail.

3. Sanditon

Based on Jane Austen's final, unfinished novel, this Regency-era drama follows Charlotte as she moves to a small seaside village and clashes with Sidney in true Austenian fashion. It has dramatic twists and a sexy romance, just like Bridgerton.

4. The Pursuit of Love

A three-episode miniseries set between the World Wars that follows cousins and best friends as they navigate crushes and friendship.

5. Outlander

This steamy romance set in the 1740s follows World War II nurse Claire Randall as she falls in love with Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser. The series has time-traveling sci-fi thrown into the mix, and plenty of lusty romance.

6. Gossip Girl

Like Bridgerton, Gossip Girl is full of sex, scandal, and ladder-climbing, and features an anonymous narrator who tracks the comings and goings of wealthy high society.

7. The Great

A satirical comedy-drama that tells the story of Catherine the Great's rise to power in 18th century Russia.

8. Poldark

Based on the novels by Winston Graham, Poldark is set in 18th century Cornwall and follows a soldier who returns home to find his life has changed drastically.