Attract Fireflies

You just need to ensure that your yard meets the needs of fireflies in order to attract and keep them in your back yard.

let the grass grow

Let the grass grow a bit longer. It can help increase the number of fireflies in your yard.

Provide Food

There are two primary sources of food for fireflies. One of them is little pests in gardens. So don't go crazy in your efforts to keep these pests out of your garden.

Include a water feature

Fireflies love standing water with a high moisture level. Adding a water element to your yard, such as a fountain, will help attract more fireflies.

Turn off outdoor lights

These insects like gloomier environments where they may more easily observe other fireflies' lights. Turn off any outdoor lights that are not in use.

plant local pine trees

Native pine trees have a thick canopy that blocks off light from the outside. This may also create the perfect nest for a female firefly bug to lay her eggs.

Avoid using chemical

Chemical pesticides may affect firefly larvae while they grow underground or in leaf piles. Instead, find safer ways to keep pests out of your yard.

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