Why Do TVs Make Popping Noises At Night (5 Reasons)

Sometimes at night, you might suddenly hear a Popping sound from your TV.

This typically occurs when the TV gets colder quickly and the inside parts shrink.

Now it’s normal if it occurs due to temperature drops, but it is definitely abnormal if caused by other reasons such as electrical malfunctions or physical damage to the TV components.

Need more explanations? Let’s dive in…

Reasons Your TV Is Making Popping Noises At Night

  • Capacitors charging and discharging.
  • Thermal expansion and contraction of materials.
  • Loose or faulty connections.
  • Interference from other devices.
  • Aging or damaged components.


Here are the detailed explanations:

Reason 1: Capacitors charging and discharging

Capacitors charging and discharging

One of the most likely causes of popping noises from your TV is the power supply system.

Modern TVs use capacitors to store and release electrical energy.

When you turn on your TV, the capacitors charge up and create a small electric spark. When you turn off your TV, the capacitors discharge and create another spark.

These sparks can produce a popping sound that is audible to the human ear.

This is normal and harmless and does not indicate a malfunction in your TV. However, if the popping sound is very loud or frequent, it could mean that your capacitors are faulty or worn out.

Reason 2: Thermal expansion and contraction of materials

Thermal expansion and contraction of materials

TVs use a combination of metal and plastic materials in their construction.

These materials expand when they are heated and contract when they are cooled. This happens due to temperature changes in the room or in the TV itself.

For example, when you turn on your TV, the components inside generate heat and cause the materials to expand slightly.

But when you turn off the TV, these components cool down and cause the materials to contract slightly.

This expansion and contraction can create a creaking, cracking, or popping sound as the materials rub against each other.

This is also normal and harmless and does not affect the performance or lifespan of your TV.


However, here’s how to reduce this noise:

Reason 3: Loose or faulty connections

Loose or faulty connections in the tv

TVs have various cables and wires that connect the power supply, speakers, input devices, and other components.

Sometimes, these connections become loose or damaged due to wear and tear, movement, or impact.

This can cause electrical arcing or short circuits that produce a popping sound.

This is not normal and can be dangerous, as it can damage your TV or cause a fire hazard. You should check all the connections behind your TV and make sure they are secure and undamaged.

Reason 4: Aging or damaged components

Aging or damaged components

And lastly, aging or damaged components on the TV can significantly impact its overall performance and generate popping noises.

Over time, the various internal parts of a TV, including speakers, transformers, circuit boards, and tubes, can deteriorate due to a combination of factors such as continuous usage, exposure to environmental elements, and the natural wear and tear that comes with electronics.

When these critical components age or sustain damage, they may no longer function as intended.

This can manifest in several ways, with popping noises being one of the potential symptoms.


In conclusion, TVs can make popping noises at night for various reasons, some of which are normal and harmless, and some of which are not.

The most common reasons are capacitors charging and discharging, thermal expansion and contraction of materials, loose or faulty connections, interference from other devices, and aging or damaged components.

Carefully identify the cause of the noise and take appropriate action to fix or prevent it.


Q: How can I tell if the popping noise is coming from the TV or the speakers?

You can try to mute the TV or disconnect the speakers and see if the noise persists.

If the noise stops, it means it is coming from the speakers. If the noise continues, it means it is coming from the TV.

Q: How loud is a normal popping noise from a TV?

A normal popping noise from a TV is usually very faint and barely noticeable.

It should not be louder than the sound of your TV or interfere with your hearing.

If the popping noise is very loud or frequent, it could indicate a problem with your TV.

Q: How often should I hear a popping noise from my TV?

A normal popping noise from a TV should occur occasionally and randomly.

It should not happen every time you turn on or off your TV, or at regular intervals.

Q: How long does a normal popping noise from a TV last?

A normal popping noise from a TV should last for a fraction of a second and stop immediately.

It should not be continuous or prolonged. If the popping noise lasts for more than a second or repeats itself, it could indicate a problem with your TV.

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