Why Merge Disney+ and Hulu if Hulu App Won’t Shut Down?

In our last article, we learned that Disney and Hulu are merging into one app, introducing something new called “Hulu on Disney Plus.”

Some users on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook have voiced concerns that prices will go up when the new app launches.

However, Disney+ clarified this by stating:

“This is not a replacement for standalone Hulu or Disney+ – both will still be available as separate offerings. Hulu + Live TV and Premium add ons will still only be available within the Hulu app, along with the full Hulu SVOD content library.”

That’s good news.

Now, a question arises: “Then what’s the point of the merger?” If they still offer the app as a standalone, why did they merge?



Well, the point of the merger is to make things easier for people who subscribe to both Disney+ and Hulu.

Putting Hulu content inside the Disney+ app means users can enjoy a broader range of shows and movies all in one place. Plus, they get cool features like watchlists and the ability to continue watching across both services.

The merger also allows Disney to offer new bundle deals, potentially attracting more customers and generating more revenue.

And there’s an extra benefit—Disney might reach more people globally. Currently, Hulu is only available in the US, while Disney+ is in many countries.

By including Hulu content under the Star Tab on Disney+, Disney can easily promote its service worldwide.

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