Why Should You Update Your TV Regularly? Is It Really Necessary?

You’ve probably come across the saying “Time to update your TV” quite a bit.

Maybe thousands of times!

But do you really understand why updating a TV matters so much?

Or do you consistently update your TV’s software when a message about an update shows up on the screen, or do you regularly check it in the settings?

If not, you are in great trouble!

Well, in this article, I will walk you through why you must regularly update your TV’s firmware and what will exactly happen if you ignore it!

Let’s move on…

Risks of Not Updating Your TV Software

  • Vulnerability to Cyberattacks
  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Reduced Functionality and Quality
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Performance Degradation
  • Lack of Device Longevity


Here’s the detailed explanation with some data analysis:

Risk 1: Vulnerability to Cyberattacks

tv hacking via firmware bugs

It’s funny to hear when someone says, “A hacker hacked my TV.”

But the truth is, just like any other device that can connect to the internet, TVs can be attacked by cybercriminals.

Hard to believe?

Let’s take a recent example from Reddit:

One user told a spooky story about a hacker who got into their TV and started giving them instructions. Eventually, the hacker even revealed their name with an eerie laugh (you can read the whole conversation here).”

Now, this person is the victim.

But here are some research about how a hacker attack on smart TV:

  • In 2013, a security researcher revealed that he was able to hack into a Samsung smart TV, and remotely activate its integrated webcam, and spy on viewers in their living rooms. He also demonstrated how he could redirect the onboard browser to a compromised webpage that could infect the TV with malware.
  • In 2017, a hacker group called the CIA Vault 7 claimed to have developed a malware called Weeping Angel that could turn Samsung smart TVs into spying devices. The malware could record audio from the TV’s microphone and send it to a remote server. The TV would appear to be off, but it was actually in a fake-off mode.

There are bunches of examples like this out there.

However, the main reasons hackers were able to exploit these devices and hack into webcams were because of security problems in the TV systems.

Normally, when the manufacturer discovers any flaws in their TV system, they fix them and put out a security update to stop any undesired incidents.

When you ignore updating your TV’s software, you’re basically leaving your door open for burglars.

So, secure your TV

Remember: Software vulnerabilities aren’t the only methods hackers use to breach systems! There are also other techniques like malware through USB drives, taking over WiFi connections, and even physical attacks on the hardware.

Risk 2: Compatibility Issues

compatibility issue if not updating tv

Another significant risk of not updating your TV software is encountering compatibility issues.

Technology is spreading its wings every day.

To compete with this, software developers are working hard and making all the software versions compatible with the latest innovations.

When you choose not to update your TV’s software, you’re essentially holding it back from benefiting fully from these advancements and teaching your TV the old communication protocols.

But new software makes things talk to each other in new ways, and if your TV has old software, it might not understand or know how to talk back.

This can cause problems like not being able to make your phone’s screen show on your TV or not being able to make your smart home things work together.

Sometimes, your TV might not work well with other things or apps that need the newest software.

For example, you might not be able to put certain apps on your TV or have trouble making your TV work with your phone, computer, or game machine.

Just like you wouldn’t want to use an old lock on your front door, you wouldn’t want old software on your TV either.

Risk 3: Reduced Functionality and Quality

risk of avoiding tv software update

Updating the TV regularly isn’t just about security; it also affects how well your TV functions!

If you skip updates, it can cause different problems that might not be clear right away, but they can definitely affect how much you enjoy using the TV.

For example, manufacturers often release updates to improve the performance of the TV.

These updates can optimize the TV’s processing speed, enhance its user interface, and even fix small bugs that might be affecting the overall usability.

Without these updates, your TV might become slower over time, and you might start noticing delays or lags when switching between apps or navigating through menus.


Q: Do software updates really make a noticeable difference in TV performance?

Yes, software updates can significantly impact TV performance.

They can optimize image processing, fix bugs, improve app stability, and even introduce new features.

These updates ensure your TV operates smoothly and provides the best viewing experience.

Q: Can updating my TV help reduce energy consumption?

Yes, newer TVs tend to be more energy-efficient due to advancements in display technology and components.

Updating to a more energy-efficient model can lead to lower electricity bills and a smaller environmental footprint.

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