YouTube TV Expands Content Offering with Three New Free Channels from AMC

Yesterday, YouTube TV partnered with AMC Networks to add three new free channels to its lineup for the first time!

They did this almost quietly, and it was first reported by

However, YouTube TV is known for its subscription-based model, but now, for the first time, they are introducing content with ads on their platform.

Details of the New Channels

The three new channels that YouTube TV has added are:

  • All Reality WE TV: This channel features reality shows from WE TV, such as Bridezillas, Marriage Boot Camp, and Growing Up Hip Hop. Fans of these shows can now watch them for free on YouTube TV, without needing a separate WE TV subscription.
  • The Walking Dead Universe: This channel is dedicated to the popular zombie apocalypse franchise, The Walking Dead. It offers episodes from the original series, as well as its spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead. It also includes behind-the-scenes content, interviews, documentaries, and original content from The Walking Dead: Dead City.
  • Stories by AMC: This channel showcases some of the best dramas and thrillers from AMC, such as The Walking Dead, Halt and Catch Fire, and Preacher. It also features original movies and miniseries from AMC Studios, such as The Night Manager and The Little Drummer Girl.

Industry Trends

Industry Trends in the streaming

YTTV is not the only live TV streaming service that has been adding free channels from ad-supported services to its lineup.

In fact, this is a pretty common strategy in the industry, as more platforms try to offer more content and attract more customers.

For example, Fubo TV added over 100 free channels across genres like news, entertainment, and lifestyle, including Bloomberg TV, Cheddar, The Weather Channel, and Stadium.

Sling and Philo TV are also on this list.

So this approach is pretty common in the industry!

What is YTTV Actually Doing?

When YouTube TV was first launched in 2017, it was a premium live TV streaming service with a monthly cost of $35. It provided a select number of channels, focusing on quality and features like unlimited DVR, multiple streams, and local channels.

Over time, YouTube TV expanded both its price and channel offerings, including more networks and services in its lineup. Currently, the service is priced at $72.99 per month, providing access to 85-100+ channels, including popular ones like CBS, FOX, NBC, HGTV, and TNT.

However, it is facing more competition these days from other live TV streaming services and on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

As a result, YouTube TV has seen its growth slow down, and its customer satisfaction decline, according to some surveys.

To tackle these challenges and reach a broader audience, YouTube TV is now adding more free channels.

The idea is to keep current customers interested and bring in new ones who might want to test the service for free before deciding on a subscription.

Future Possibilities

The addition of free channels from AMC might be just the beginning.

There’s a chance that YouTube TV has plans to include additional free channels from various providers and genres, aiming to enhance the diversity of its lineup and content library.

The details are yet to unfold…

YouTube TV has not officially announced or commented on the addition of these three new free channels from AMC.

However, these channels are already accessible on the YouTube TV app, open to both subscribers and non-subscribers.

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