YouTube TV Introduces Updates to Address User Concerns: Audio Sync and Apple TV Support Improved

YouTube TV, the popular live-streaming service, announced several series of updates yesterday.

In a Reddit thread, YouTube TV announced that they are rolling out fixes for audio sync, Apple TV crashes, and teased better video quality.

One major issue reported by YouTube TV users was audio and video synchronization problems. To fix this, they will be rolling out solutions in the coming weeks during live playback.

YouTube TV encourages users experiencing these issues to provide additional information, such as device details and “Stats for Nerds” screenshots, to assist in troubleshooting. They are also actively working on a separate fix specifically for audio sync issues in video-on-demand (VOD) content.

YouTube TV said,

“We’re rolling out some fixes over the next few weeks to address A/V sync issues across Live playback. We continue to welcome feedback! Feel free to leave a picture of your Stats for Nerds and your device information on this thread if you’re still experiencing issues. We’re also actively working on a separate follow-on fix for VOD audio sync issues.”

Regarding Apple TV, YouTube TV also confirmed it has resolved an issue causing 1st generation 4K Apple TV devices to crash during long playbacks.

They clarified that any temporary delays in DVR availability were due to an outage last month, but those issues have been resolved. Users can now access their recorded content without interruptions.

Users responded positively, expressing appreciation for the continuous updates and YouTube TV’s responsiveness to user feedback. They thanked YouTube TV for engaging with users.

Read the full Reddit post here.