YouTube TV Is Making Videos Look Better, Improving DVR, and Fixing Bugs!

In the past, two major issues with YouTube TV were the low quality of videos and the limited selection of shows and movies available. These were the main problems that frustrated a lot of users!

But, the good news is that things are getting better.

YouTube TV just released a complete update on Reddit that tackles these problems.

One really cool thing they’ve done is make the DVR library better. This is like a special place where you can find all the new shows you like to watch.

Youtube TV said:

“We continue to hear your requests to improve Catch Up on your Favorites relevancy and Watch badging. We’ve been testing a new version of the Library (which many of you have seen) and are listening closely to your feedback to continue to improve the experience.”

Now, it’s much easier to spot new stuff that has just been added. This means you won’t miss out on any of your favorite shows or programs.

The pictures on YouTube TV are also going to look even nicer!

If you use a special kind of device that works with something called the VP9 codec, like Rokus or Fire TVs, the images will be super clear and pretty.


It’s like when you get new glasses and suddenly everything looks sharper.

Also, YouTube is teaming up with the NFL (that’s American football) to make sure you can watch all the games in really good quality like 720p to 1080p. They’re going to make sure the games look nice and clear, just like you’re right there at the stadium.

Here’s what YouTube said about this:

“We continue to invest in improved feeds and bitrate improvements. Many users with eligible 4K compatible devices that support VP9 codecs are now seeing higher quality 1080p content with more device coverage and improvements on the way this fall.

Separately, NFL Sunday Ticket games will have distinct source feeds broadcast in 1080p (a mix of native and upscaled) compared to 720p local broadcasts. We’re working with our partners to bring more 1080p HDR and 4K games to you in the future.”

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