YouTube TV Works to Resolve ‘Missing Library’ Tab Issue Reported by Users

A growing number of users on the YouTubeTV subreddit have reported an issue with the library tab on their Roku devices. Specifically, users are seeing only a few titles from their library on the tab, with everything else missing.

The problem appears to be widespread, with users reporting the issue on multiple streaming devices, including Roku, Firestick, and Chromecast while some reported no issues when accessing through a computer or phone.

CookVegasTN says,

“As of yesterday, the only thing I see on the library tab is ‘Catch up on your favorites’ which only shows a few titles from my library. Everything underneath is gone. Anyone else or am I?”

Another user, greggpath2 says,

“I posted a similar issue yesterday as well. For me, it’s happening on three different TVs. All of them are accessing YouTube TV through Google TV on a Chromecast. The issue was first noticed yesterday afternoon and is still an issue as of right now.”

After several users reported the issue, a YouTube TV engineer confirmed that they had addressed the issue the previous night. They added, “Yes, we addressed this last night so wanted to confirm it’s still an issue for some. We’ll revisit it further if so.

YouTube TV Engineer Addresses Library Tab Issue

Despite the confirmation from the engineer, some users still experiencing the same issue.

However, YouTube TV has not yet released any official statement about this. It remains unclear what caused the library tab to disappear on these devices and how long it will take to fix the problem completely.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update with any new information that becomes available.

Stay Tuned!