TCL Teams Up with Cineverse and Xumo to Meet Growing Demand for Free Live TV

In response to the increasing demand for free live TV options, TCL, a renowned electronics manufacturer, has announced two significant partnerships with Cineverse and Xumo.

Cineverse, known for its extensive offering of free live TV, will bring its “full lineup” of content (over 10,000 on-demand movies and TV show episodes) to TCL’s Google TV and Roku TV sets.

And the partnership with Xumo will bring another 55 free, ad-supported live channels to TCL’s TVs.

TCL announced this Yesterday in an official press release and was first spotted by

Cineverse’s Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer Tony Huidor said:

“As one of the world’s top television brands, we are thrilled to have TCL as our first OEM SaaS partner. As we continue to expand the capabilities of our Matchpoint platform we are excited to provide tremendous efficiencies and provide key backend support to TCL as they look to scale and expand their position in the streaming entertainment ecosystem”

While specific details on how the additional channels will be accessed on TCL’s TVs are yet to be disclosed, it is speculated that a dedicated TCL app might be utilized for seamless content consumption.

The expanded channel offerings are expected to roll out later this year, becoming available on new TCL devices released within the United States.

Haohong Wang, General Manager, TCL Research America, said:

“With continued innovation and leadership, TCL is bringing new high-performance smart TVs to market with a broader range of dynamic content and featured services to meet consumer needs.”