TCL’s New Flagship Smart TVs Unveiled: Here’s What You’re Going to Get

On May 21st, 2023, global technology leader TCL unveiled an exciting new range of premium Smart TVs designed to transform traditional home entertainment experiences.

The flagship models in this new range are the 2023 Smart S Class and QLED Q Class.

The Q Class Smart TV series stands out with its remarkable features, including a high-brightness LED backlight, HDR PRO+, Motion Rate 240 with MEMC frame insertion, and immersive virtualized 3D sound.

Senior Vice President of TCL, Chris Hamdorf, says:

“TCL has been a top 2 best-selling TV brand in the US for four consecutive years and with the incredible new products we’re launching today, I have no doubt that we’ll maintain that leadership position in the television space. Our focus on the consumer, coupled with our innovation and vertical integration advantages, has proven to be a winning formula for delivering high-performance and high-quality TVs”

However, Let’s explore what innovative features and technologies TCL’s new line of high-performance televisions offers:

Q Class Smart TV Series:

    • High-brightness LED backlight
    • HDR PRO+ (High Dynamic Range) for enhanced contrast and vivid colors
    • Motion Rate 240 with MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) frame insertion for crisp motion clarity
    • DTS Virtual:X speakers for immersive virtualized 3D sound
    • Game Accelerator 120 for more responsive gameplay without lag
    • Auto Game Mode and AMD FreeSync for low input latency
    1. Q Class Smart TV Q6 QLED Series:
      • Available in 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″ screen sizes
      • Prices: $499.99 (55″), $699.99 (65″), $899.99 (75″), and $1,599.99 (85″)
    1. Q Class Smart TV Q7 Series:
      • Available in 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″ screen sizes
      • Prices: $749.99 (55″), $999.99 (65″), $1,399.99 (75″), and $2,199.99 (85″)
    1. Q Class Smart TV QM8 Series:
      • Available in 65″, 75″, 85″, and 98″ screen sizes
      • Prices: $1,699.99 (65″), $2,299.99 (75″), $2,799.99 (85″), and $9,999.99 (98″)

S Class Smart TV Series:

    • S3 model:
      • Offers 1080p Full HD resolution.
      • HDR support.
      • Bluetooth headphone pairing.
      • Can be used as a PC monitor.
    • S4 model:
      • Features 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR PRO for enhanced contrast and accurate colors.
      • DTS Virtual:X Motion Rate 240 with MEMC frame insertion.
      • Auto Game Mode and Bluetooth capabilities.
    • Prices for S-Class TVs start at $279.99.
    • Screen sizes range from 43″ to 85″