CBS Cancels “The Late Late Show” Due to Financial Concerns

After 28 years of entertaining audiences with its witty and outlandish approach to late-night talk shows, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” has officially been cancelled.

Despite the show’s massive following and critical acclaim, CBS has reportedly pulled the plug on the beloved program due to financial concerns.

A CBS executive stated,

“It was simply not sustainable. CBS could not afford him anymore.”

The show reportedly costs between $60 and $65 million per year to produce, while earning only around $45 million.

Aside from this, people who usually write their jokes and scripts are on strike.

Late-night television heavily relies on the writing teams to create fresh and exciting content every day, and without them, producing shows becomes next to impossible.

“The Late Late Show” has been on air for 28 years, with different hosts over time, and James Corden had been hosting it since 2015. It had a unique approach to hosting and maintained a large following for its outlandish and creative episodes.

What will be the future?

The future of late-night television remains unclear.

With streaming services and social media now offering plenty of alternatives for viewers, the competition is fiercer than ever. CBS will have to come up with new programming to fill the void left by “The Late Late Show,” but it’s unclear what direction they will take.

In the meantime, we bid farewell to “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” a groundbreaking and unique program that redefined what it meant to be a late-night talk show. We can only hope that something equally exciting and innovative will take its place.