Sling TV expands its free streaming service with 6 new channels

Sling TV’s Freestream has just gotten even better for cord-cutters looking for a wide range of content options.

This week, Sling TV has quietly expanded its free streaming service Freestream with the addition of at least 6 new channels. The free streaming service now offers over 335 channels and an impressive 41,000 on-demand titles.

Channels added to Sling TV:

  • TG Junior
  • Toon Goggles
  • Ducktv
  • Afroland TV
  • FilmRise Comedy
  • FilmRise Food

Gary Schanman, group president, SLING TV, says:

“This milestone is just the beginning of what we have in store for Sling Freestream”

Shanman added.

“We’re constantly aiming to offer more of what consumers want, and with our new channels we thoughtfully curated content, from horror and thriller movies to kids TV, and Black and women-led programming, to create unique channels exclusively for Sling Freestream users”

But that’s not all. Just last week, Sling TV also expanded its channel lineup with the inclusion of several new channels such as Living History, Film Shorts, Latino Cinema, Her TV, Ambient Cinema, For the Culture, The Classics, Crime Scenes, Movie Hub, Screams & Scares, The Playground, and Suspense.

This move aims to offer a diverse range of content to viewers, including horror and thriller movies, kids’ TV, and Black and women-led programming.