Will Dish be pushed out of the streaming market? (Why they lost 552,000 subscribers)


“Homespoiler, why has Dish lost so many pay-TV subscribers even though they are highly reputed? I know this might be due to the cord-cutting trend, but what will be the impact on their business? What do you think?” —Jenny, Templeton, California.

Jenny, of course, Dish is a highly reputed player in the current market, but this doesn’t mean that users are obligated to pay $79.99/month and stick with them when they can easily dive into the ocean of content for only $7 with Netflix.

You may know, yesterday morning (Monday), dish reported that they lost 552,000 pay-TV subscribers in this year’s first quarter compared to a decrease of approximately 462,000 subs in the 2022 first quarter.

This is a significant hit to Dish’s overall subscriber count. The company now has 9.2 million pay TV subscribers in total, which includes 7.1 million satellite customers and 2.1 million Sling TV subscribers.

However, the primary reason for this, I think,

Users are willing to pay less but enjoy more!

And the growing popularity of low-cost streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ has played a significant role in this trend.

What will be the impact?

This is not just Dish; every cable and satellite TV provider has been experiencing this in recent years.

The impact is clear—with the rising popularity of cheaper streaming options, they risk being pushed out of the streaming market.

However, only time will tell what will happen!

That being said, if the trend of cord-cutting continues at its current pace, Dish and other providers might need to find new ways to adapt to the changing landscape of TV consumption and offer value propositions that appeal to modern viewers.


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— Abdur Rahman