CBS-Owned Stations Leave The CW: A New Era for Independent Stations


“Homespoiler, yesterday I noticed a report from Deadline stating that eight CBS-owned-and-operated stations currently affiliated with The CW are set to leave the network and become independent. What do you think is the reason behind this, and how might this change affect the television landscape in major markets?” —Emily, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Emily, I also noticed the news, but the reason for CBS Television Stations leaving The CW and becoming independent stations is still unknown.

You may know that Nexstar Media Group purchased a 75% stake in The CW from co-owners Warner Bros.

I think this may have contributed to CBS and Paramount’s decision to cut ties with The CW.

However, Wendy McMahon, President and Co-Head of CBS News and Stations, said,

“We look forward to reimagining these stations as independents while leveraging the considerable value of their prime-time real estate in each of the markets.”

McMahon added that it’s an exciting time to explore new opportunities to add local programming and shows that cater to the specific interests of each market.

This plan to re-imagine these stations as independents and leverage their prime-time real estate in each market may also have played a role in the decision.

What will be the effect?

The impact of this change is currently unknown for the CW in these locations, but it is likely that someone might step in and fill the gaps.

A Nexstar affiliate seems like the most likely candidate since they recently acquired a majority interest in The CW.

In terms of the overall television landscape in these markets, the change could bring new competition for viewership among the independent stations, as well as potential opportunities for local programming and live sports.

This change will also affect the ratings of The CW in these markets and could lead to a decline in viewership since they will no longer be carried by CBS Television Stations.

We will see its live effect closely in the coming months.


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— Abdur Rahman

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