DIRECTV Blames Nexstar for ‘Hostage’ Situation: Local News & Sports Still in Limbo

If you are a DIRECTTV subscriber, you may have noticed that your local TV channels suddenly disappeared and you can’t watch them no matter what you do!

Here’s what’s happening:

In reality, Direct TV and Nexstar are currently locked in a disagreement where both companies are unable to agree on the amount of money Direct TV should pay Nexstar to continue broadcasting their programs.

This issue started six weeks ago when their previous deal ended on July 2. 

DIRECTV claims that Nexstar is holding the stations “hostage” while trying to double the rate it used to charge. DIRECTV has been actively making offers to find a compromise and restore local news and sports programming to its affected customers.


However, Nexstar’s response has been slow, and the company has not provided any comment on the matter.

Yesterday, DIRECTV talked about their frustration in a statement.

“Since our contract expired in early July, Nexstar has made little movement on its end while DIRECTV continues to make substantial offers to try to find middle ground with the goal of returning local news and sports programming to our affected customers as quickly as possible and at the right value.”

DIRECTV doesn’t like how Nexstar is handling things.

They asked Nexstar to keep using the old agreement until February 2024. This way, people could still watch their shows while the two sides figure things out.

However, Nexstar only agreed to a short extension until October 31, which DIRECTV didn’t accept. DIRECTV is worried that if the blackout continues during football season, their customers will be even more upset.


“While we’re working around the clock to restore the affected stations by the start of the upcoming football season, Nexstar’s greed could force the outage into the start of the football seasons affecting some customers who won’t be able watch their hometown teams.”

At the same time, DIRECTV is trying to help their customers deal with this situation.

They’re giving a $10 credit to those who can’t watch their shows.

They’re also suggesting that people try using antennas or online streaming services like Peacock and Paramount+ to watch some of the content they’re missing.

Here’s what DIRECTTV said about refunds:

“Note: To receive your refund online, the email address you provide must be linked to an active DIRECTV STREAM account. You must also have a valid credit card or debit card as your payment method. Online refunds are not available for accounts paid with PayPal”

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