Get Two Months Free for ‘The Family Plan’ on Apple TV+”

Right now, Apple is giving new users a two-month free trial of Apple TV+ to watch “The Family Plan,” the latest movie they made.

About the Movie: “The Family Plan” stars Mark Wahlberg as a dad who has to protect his family on the run because of his past as an assassin. It came out on Apple TV+ on Dec. 15, 2023.

Subscription Renewal: When the free trial is over, your Apple TV+ subscription will renew at the regular cost of $9.99 per month.

This longer trial lets you explore the service before deciding if you want to pay.

Past Free Trials: Apple has done this kind of longer free trial before.

In October, they let people give a one-month free trial to others for the show “Lessons in Chemistry.”

Usually, Apple gives a 7-day free trial, but this special offer gives you two months. It’s a great chance to really see what the streaming service is all about.

After a price increase earlier in the year, the regular monthly cost for Apple TV+ is $9.99.

Sign-Up Deadline: If you’re thinking about trying this out, you have until Jan. 18, 2024, to sign up and get the two-month free trial.

This deal is a cool opportunity for new or returning subscribers. You can explore Apple TV+ and watch “The Family Plan” without paying anything for two months.

How to Get It: If you’re interested, just go to the link below, click “Accept Now,” and log in with your Apple ID.

That gets you the two-month free trial, and you can check out everything on Apple TV+