Verizon Drops Free Disney+ Offer: What the Changes Mean for You

Last Friday (May 12), The Mobile Report revealed that Verizon Wireless is ditching its previous offer of providing free access to Disney+ with select 5G plans and replacing it with brand new packages dubbed “Unlimited Welcome” and “Unlimited Plus.”

Starting today, Verizon will reportedly announce these plans, and they will go on sale on May 18th.

So, What Are the Changes?

Instead of bundling streaming services together, such as Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, Verizon will now charge clients $10 per month to access these services under the banner “Unlimited Plus.”

If you were expecting to watch your favorite shows and movies without incurring any additional costs, think again – because once you exceed a whopping 500GB of data usage, expect download speeds to be throttled back to just 5Mbps.

But Wait! Aren’t There Any Perks?

Sorta… kinda… maybe… perhaps?

Okay, there might be some benefits buried deep within the fine print.

For instance, though Verizon’s new plans may not include free Disney+, they do come with some perks. The plans reportedly offer 500 GB of uncapped data speeds, which is more than what some competitors offer. Plus, the ability to add additional services for $10 a month gives customers more control over what they pay for and what they don’t.

However, the downside is that new customers will not be able to take advantage of the free Disney+ offer, which may deter some customers from signing up for Verizon’s new plans.

It remains to be seen whether customers will be willing to pay for the added services, as the discount on the Disney Bundle is not as good as the free offer.