VIZIO Smart TV Owners Can Now Watch 45+ Live Channels with Frndly TV App

Frndly TV has just made a major announcement.

The streaming service has teamed up with VIZIO, the renowned television manufacturer, to make the Frndly TV app available on VIZIO Smart TVs across the United States.

This means that millions of VIZIO Smart TV owners now have round-the-clock access to over 45 live channels, as well as thousands of hours of on-demand shows and movies.

Frndly TV’s co-founder and chief programming officer, Michael McKenna, described this as a “seminal moment” in the company’s history. In just three years, Frndly TV has already gained over 700,000 subscribers, and now, with the opportunity to be available to millions of VIZIO Smart TV owners, the streaming service’s appeal is set to grow even further.

McKenna expressed his gratitude for VIZIO’s support, and is looking forward to a great relationship between the two companies.

Senior Director of Business Development at VIZIO, Chris Tanquary, is also excited about the collaboration.

“The addition of the Frndly TV app to the VIZIO lineup provides affordable and accessible family-friendly entertainment for all to enjoy without a costly cable subscription,”

Tanquary said.

“Now millions of VIZIO users can access their favorite live programming at a smart price point and all within the VIZIO experience.”

VIZIO Smart TV owners can check out Frndly TV for free for seven days before subscribing for as low as $6.99 per month. This makes it an extremely affordable option for those who are tired of paying high cable bills.

Last year, Frndly TV announced three improvements to its service, including customer choice for the regular program guide or an alphabetized-by-channel-name program guide, simpler navigation to discover the expansive quantity of content, and an improved “timing bar” to help viewers keep track of where they are in a movie or TV show.

With its latest collaboration with VIZIO, Frndly TV is set to become an even more popular choice for families across America.