Comcast Dropped a Bomb with Their Xumo Stream Box

What else should I say?

This week, Comcast finally announced it will start selling its Xumo Stream Box, which is much similar to Roku or Fire TV, offering 250+ apps and 300+ free live TV channels.

When they first announced this, we thought it would be interesting to see how it competes with other streaming devices in the market and how it enhances the streaming experience.

But it seems like they are bringing Cable TV Fees to Cord Cutting. They are making it much like a cable TV–like experience.

The Xumo Stream Box is priced at $5 per month, plus a one-time $15 activation fee. There’s also a catch – each account can only have three devices.

comcast is bringing Cable TV Fees to Cord Cutting

So, if you have more than three TVs, you’ll need to buy another streaming device for the extras. Unlike some other options, Comcast doesn’t seem to let you buy the box outright without the monthly fee. And if you stop paying, you have to give the box back to Comcast.

Comcast thinks this new move will make them a lot of money, but some people are saying it’s a bit like the old days of cable TV, where you paid fees for rental devices long after they were paid off.

I asked some of my natives about this, and one said to me:

“I would laugh in their face if they wanted me to get streaming boxes I had to pay a monthly fee for. It’s no wonder people are dropping cable internet as well too. These fools will never learn.”

The Xumo Stream Box, at $60 a year for each extra box, plus the first activation fee, might not be appealing to budget-conscious cord-cutters who are used to paying once for other streaming devices, often starting under $30.

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