Great Plains Communications is Pulling the Plug on Traditional TV Service

This is what every small cable TV company should do to survive.

In general, small providers cannot stand up against the broadcasters. It’s better than just shutting their doors completely with no plan, like other companies gradually shutting down.

However, the news is, if you live in Nebraska or Indiana, your cable TV might soon come through a Fire TV Stick instead of the usual cable box.

The company is sending out Fire TV Sticks to replace the old cable boxes, introducing a new streaming service called “GPC iTV“. It costs about the same as the old cable TV but works on Fire TVs, Apple TV, Google TV, smartphones, and smart TVs.


With GPC iTV, you can stream on two devices at the same time and get 50 hours of cloud DVR.

If you need more streams, you can buy up to six extra ones, totaling eight streams. GPC iTV also lets you watch most TV programs up to three days after they air, even if you didn’t record them.

Great Plains Communications confirmed they’re no longer offering the old cable TV service. Existing customers with old cable boxes are getting them replaced with Fire TV Sticks for an easy switch to streaming.

This doesn’t mean they are shutting down their business, just changing the delivery to a consumer streaming device. Looks like they still manage the carriage deals.

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