7 Clever Ways to Hide Cords and Declutter Your Home

Wire clutter is a common issue in many homes, especially when managing cords and cables for electronics and appliances. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be a safety hazard if wires are not properly organized and out of the way.

Fortunately, there are several ways to hide the wire in your home and keep your space looking neat and tidy. In this post, I will explore some effective methods for concealing wires and cables so that you can enjoy a clean and organized home.

1. Use Cable Raceways

Use Cable Raceways

Cable raceways are a great way to hide the wires in your home and keep them organized. They are long, narrow channels that you can attach to the walls or baseboards of your home. You can then run your wires through the raceway, hiding them from view.

To use a cable raceway, decide on the route you want your wires to take. Measure the route length and cut the raceway to size, if necessary. Next, attach the raceway to the wall or baseboard using screws or adhesive strips. Then, carefully route your wires through the raceway, securing them with cable ties.

Note: cable raceways come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so you can choose one that blends in with your home’s decor. Some raceways even have a removable cover, allowing you to quickly access the wires inside for maintenance or changes.

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2. Hide cables behind furniture.

Hide cables behind furniture.

Another simple way to hide wires in your home is to route them behind furniture. This can be especially effective for oversized furniture like couches, entertainment centers, and desks. For example, if you have a TV and cable box on a stand, you can move the stand to cover the cables or hook the wires to the back of your furniture.

To do this, simply measure the length and route of the wires, and then carefully push them behind the furniture and out of sight.

Tip: You can also use cable concealer strips to hide the cables that run along the floor. These strips are long, flexible pieces of plastic that you can attach to the bottom of your furniture, and they will hide the cables from view.

3. Use cable Organizers

Use cable Organizers

Thirdly, cable organizers are also a great way to keep your wires and cables tidy. While they won’t completely hide the wires, they can help you organize them in a way that improves the appearance of your space. This can help enhance the overall aesthetic of your home and keep your cables safe and organized.

This is particularly useful in situations where you have a lot of wires and cables, such as in a home office with multiple electronic devices or a home entertainment system with multiple components. By using a cable organizer, you can arrange your wires and cables in a way that is both organized and visually appealing.

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Tip: Covogoods, an Etsy seller, has created a genius product for hiding charging devices or a jumble of wires near your computer or TV. The product is a row of books transformed into a hollow cover, where you can roll up your cables neatly and tuck them behind the faux book spines. This is also an excellent concept solution for hiding wires in your home. Check this out from here.

4. Create a Visual Illusion With A Fake Wall

Create a Visual Illusion With A Fake Wall

If you have some DIY skills, you may want to try this project from the blog Swoonworthy. It’s an ingenious way to hide wires without cabling or boxing in.

Simply create a fake wall using cardboard painted the same color as your actual wall. This will allow you to conceal many wires in a hidden area.

However, keep in mind that this technique will only work if the wires are already in a concealed location. If viewed from the wrong angle, the visual illusion may be ruined.

5. Use a Large Floor Basket as a cord hider.

Use a Large Floor Basket as a cord hider

This is another excellent hack from @sortsupport to hide cords and cables in your home. Simply use an open-weave basket to store and conceal your router, modem, power strip, and all related cords.

The one cord that needs to be plugged in from the power strip will fit perfectly between the natural openings in the basket weave. Voila! Your cords are hidden and organized. Genius!”

6. Buy a cable management desk

Buy a cable management desk to hide wire

If you work from home and your desk is cluttered with large cords and cables, a cable management desk can help you tidy up your workspace. These desks have built-in features that allow you to organize and hide the wires, making your desk area look neater and more organized.

This can be especially useful if you have a lot of electronic devices that need to be plugged in at your desks, such as a computer, printer, and other peripherals.

7. Use wireless technology.

Use wireless technology.

Finally, consider using wireless technology if you want to eliminate wires without going through the above methods. Many wireless options are available these days, from wireless chargers and Bluetooth speakers to wireless keyboards and mice. Going wireless lets you enjoy all your favourite devices without the clutter of cords and cables.

After reading this blog post, you should have several innovative ideas for hiding cords in your home. Whether you use decorative boxes and cord clips or simply rearrange your furniture, the result will be a tidier and more organized space.

Say goodbye to messy cords and hello to a cleaner, more stylish home. Happy decluttering!

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