Shark Robot Error 2 (Just do this and it will be solved)

The Shark Robot Error 2 message can pop up in a few different ways, but the cause of this error is usually the same.

Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do to fix your robot vacuum and get it cleaned again. Here’s how to fix your robot vacuum if it’s giving you the ‘error 2’ message.

What is the cause of the “Shark Robot Error 2” message?

why does my shark robot showing error 2

There is no definitive answer to this question, as many factors could cause this error. However, possible causes could include issues with the Shark Robot software, hardware problems, or a clogged brush roller.

Below are some common reasons that can trigger ‘error number 2‘ in your Shark robot vacuum:

  • Side brushes are stuck.
  • Driver wheels are stuck.
  • The Roller brush is stuck.
  • The wheel motor encoder is damaged.
  • The Roller brush is broken or malfunctioning.

How do you fix the Shark robot vacuum’s error 2?

In short: To troubleshoot error 2 on your Shark robot, open up the vacuum and check the brush roll for any obstructions. If there are any, remove them and try turning on the vacuum again. If it does not work, replace your vacuum roller brush.

Before moving into a detailed solution, please look at the bellow table for a better understanding of this problem and its solution.

Reasons Solutions
Software glitch Reboot/reset
Clogged side wheels Unclog it
Obstructed roller brush Clean it
Broken wheel Replace it

Step 1: Reboot your robot

error number 2 shark robot

Like any other robotic vacuum, the Shark robot also uses an operating system that sometimes crashes due to software-related bugs. When a vacuum faces an internal software error, it misbehaves, like going in a circle or throwing an error code without any actual reason.

So reboot your vacuum first. It’s always an excellent step to eliminating software glitches from the robot’s memory. To reboot your shark vacuum:

  • Locate the POWER button on the side of the Shark robot.
  • Switch the POWER button to OFF.
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds before turning the Shark robot back on.

The Shark robot has been rebooted. Now check if the problem has been fixed. If not, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Check and unclog the roller brush mark

error 2 shark robot

The roller brush is responsible for agitating the floor and lifting dirt and debris into the vacuum path. It comprises a series of bristles that rotate as the vacuum moves forward. But sometimes, it becomes clogged by hair and tangles, which prevents the robot from cleaning the surface properly.

If that’s the case, your robot will display an error 2 message, and you can quickly fix it just by cleaning and unclogging the roller brush. To clean the roller brush of your shark robot, follow the below step:

  • First, unscrew the brush roll.clean shark robot vacuum roller brush
  • Then lift the brush roll out for easy cleaning.unclogg shark vacuum brush roll
  • Now Remove any hair and tangles from the roller brush and clean dust from the inside area.
    how to clean brush roller on shark robot vacuum
  • Apply some WD40 in the gear module to ensure it’s spinning correctly.clean shark vacuum brush
  • Once done, reinstall the brush in its place.

After cleaning the roller brush, reboot your vacuum once again. Check to see if your problem has been resolved. If your Shark robot vacuum is still displaying error 2, one of its parts may be broken, and you will need to replace it.

Also, check the side brush for any hair or tangles. If it’s clogged by anything, be sure to remove it.

Step 3: Replace the roller brush/side brush or wheel

shark vacuum robot error 2

Most of the time, cleaning the roller brush fixes error 2, but if you are still dealing with this error, your vacuum’s roller brush, side brush, or wheel may be somehow damaged/broken. If that’s the fact, you will need to replace them.

Most of the parts are available online, and you will find them on Amazon. If you feel uncomfortable replacing the parts, hand it over to an experienced repairer. Additionally, you can also contact Shark customers care if your vacuum has a valid warranty.

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Q. Shark robot error 2, no obstruction.

If your Shark robot is displaying error 2, but there is no obstruction in the roller brush, the brush is likely either stuck or damaged. Try the following:

  • Remove the main brush and clean it thoroughly.
  • Check the main brush for any damage or debris that may be causing it to get stuck.
  • Ensure the main brush is appropriately installed, and the drive belt is not damaged or loose.

If the problem persists, contact Shark customer support or replace the part that might be causing the issue.

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