How To Empty Roomba Bin/Bag? (Any Model)

process for emptying the roomba bin

You are here because you are a proud owner of a Roomba and don’t know how to empty it properly. Or maybe you have already cleaned it, but it still shows a “bin error” message, right? Well, emptying a Roomba vacuum is pretty simple and only requires 5-10 minutes. But if Roomba keeps showing a … Read more

Roomba Charging Error 5 (Just do This 4 Things)

Roomba charging error 5

“Charging Error 5” is nothing to be scared of, it’s just an issue with the charging equipment of the vacuum! As the error message includes the word “Charging,” it suggests that the problem is related to the charging, whether it’s the pin connectors that are dusty or the battery that is faulty. I have received … Read more

Roomba Error 15? (5 Ways to Fix)

Roomba error 15 fix

Error 15 on a Roomba vacuum is sometimes common, especially with the Roomba J & I series models, and typically appears after resetting the batteries. However, it can happen with any model at any time. If this occurs after resetting the batteries, you don’t need to do anything. But if it occurs on every cleaning … Read more

Roomba i3 vs i7 (Which one Should you Buy?)

Roomba changed how we clean our houses—and also revolutionized the traditional cleaning method! That’s great, but trouble arises when someone is going to buy any of them! Why? Because plenty of models are available on the market right now! As a vacuum repairer, I constantly hear people lamenting, “If I had bought that instead of … Read more

Roomba Mapping Run! (Get Roomba to remap a Room)

roomba mapping run time

Without mapping, Roomba is just a random wanderer that bumps into obstacles and changes direction until its battery runs out or it gets stuck. In fact, mapping is the main feature that separates Roomba from other robotic vacuums available in the market right now! But using this feature, especially for the first time is somewhat … Read more

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