Roomba Error 2 (Even With New Brushes)

How to fix Roomba error 2

The solution for ‘Error 2’ isn’t always the same! Usually, when a Roomba displays Error code 2, it indicates that either the multi-surface rubber brush is clogged with hair or debris or somehow broken. Most of the time, just cleaning this brush solves the issue, but sometimes you might still notice the same error even … Read more

Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off (Is it Normal?)

roomba charging dock light goes off

In most Roomba models, the light on the charging dock turns off once you place the Roomba on the home base. But what does this mean? Is it charging correctly? Typically, when the charging dock light goes off, it suggests that the vacuum is indeed charging correctly. However, some models are different and may actually … Read more

Roomba not connecting to WiFi? (Solved: 100% Fixes)

solving roomba wifi connection issue

Your Roomba isn’t connecting to WiFi? No problem! That’s a common issue, and you are not alone! In fact, every day, almost 200+ users are searching for this topic on the internet. Basically, when a Roomba won’t connect to WiFi, a temporary system glitch or the distance between the devices is usually the primary culprit. … Read more

Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs? (What To Do If It Does?)

does roomba fall down the stairs

Usually, every Roomba owner knows whether a Roomba falls down stairs or not! But since you are reading this article and asking if a Roomba does fall down the stairs, I bet you are considering buying a new one! Right? Well, rest assured, Roomba will not fall down the stairs ever. While older models may … Read more

Roomba Beeping While Charging? (Here’s 100% Fixes)

roomba keeps beeping on charger

Even though Roomba is a highly efficient robotic vacuum cleaner, the constant beeping and the “uh oh” sound it makes while charging, can be a real pain for anyone. A lot of people have complained about this issue… Despite its cleaning abilities, the beeping issue on the charger can make the Roomba feel more like … Read more

Roomba Blue Light (What Does It Mean?)

Roomba features a ring light at the top which indicates the device’s working process and status. This ring sometimes flashes red and sometimes blue. While flashing red may indicate a problem with the vacuum, flashing blue indicates that the vacuum is busy with internal processes such as updating firmware or connecting to Wi-Fi. This is … Read more