Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs? (Yes, If you Do These)

Typically, every Roomba owner knows whether a Roomba falls down stairs or not!

But since you are reading this article and asking if a Roomba does fall down the stairs, I bet you are considering buying a new one!


Well, rest assured, Roomba will not fall down the stairs ever. While older models may have had this issue, newer models are more advanced and equipped with leading technology and features.

However, before you make your purchase, there are a few important points you should be aware of. I will gradually explain them below.

Missing out on this information could lead to significant trouble for your vacuum cleaner in the future.

Let’s dive in…

Will Roomba fall downstairs?

Will roomba fall Down stairs?

No, Roomba will not fall down stairs!

Newer Roomba models are designed to be safe around stairs. They’re equipped with sensors that help them avoid falling downstairs. So, if you’re worried about your Roomba taking a spill, rest assured that it will not happen. And if it does happen, you can always contact customer support for help.

Romba has an Advanced Robotic Intelligence System capable of making decisions by itself.

Most robot vacuums like Roomba 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, e-Series, s-series, and i-series have sensors and mapping technology to keep them from falling down the stairs.

The cliff sensor is one of these sensors, and it’s used to determine how far the robot is from the ground. It’s pointing down so that the robot vacuum can identify stairs or steep drops, as a fall might cause significant damage to the robot.

Therefore, it’s uncommon to see a robot vacuum that doesn’t have cliff sensors because all the latest models of Roomba come with Cliff sensors.

What Causes Roomba to Fall Down Stairs?

iRobot vacuums are equipped with several sensors that help them detect changes in flooring type and height and avoid falling down stairs or off ledges.

However, if the sensors are dirty or damaged, they may not work correctly, and the vacuum could fall.

Additionally, it could also fall if the vacuum is not set up perfectly for your specific staircase.

What happens if Roomba falls down the stairs?

First, don’t panic. Your Roomba will never fall off stairs, as the cliff sensor will prevent this.

Unfortunately, if this happens, the robot will handle a short flight of stairs, but it can be damaged if it falls down a long flight of stairs. The fall could cause the batteries to come loose or any other issue. On the other hand, the sensors that prevent Roomba from falling stairs can also be damaged, which can cause Roomba to fall stairs more quickly in the future.

If you are lucky, your Roomba will just be scuffed up and continue working fine.

If you think your Roomba has been damaged after falling stairs, you should contact the manufacturer to see if it’s covered under warranty. In some cases, you may be able to get a replacement Roomba.

What to do if Roomba falls downstairs?

If your iRobot Roomba falls down the stairs, you should first check for damage. Check the Roomba’s sensors to make sure they are not damaged.

If there is any damage, immediately contact iRobot customer service for assistance. If there is no damage, pick up your Roomba and place it on the charging dock.

Things you can do to stop it from falling if it’s an Older model

There are several ways to prevent your Roomba from falling down the stairs, but most require you to get under your staircase and do things that I wouldn’t usually think of doing.

So I’ve devised a few solutions without sacrificing carpeting or wood floors. Here’s how you can stop Roomba from falling stairs.

1. Clean Roomba’s Sensors

Clean the sensor

To stop Roomba from falling stairs, you must first ensure that Roomba’s cliff sensors are clean. For this, you need to clean them in a regular basis..

It will enormously assist you in preventing your Roomba from falling down the stairs.

Because Roomba’s cliff sensors are the only way to identify stairs and rocks.

If they become dirty, it may not be able to locate stair borders, and you will find your Roomba at the bottom of your stairs.😆

Turn your vacuum upside down, and you will find the cliff sensors. Now using a clean, dry cloth, wipe each cliff sensor.

2. Install a Virtual wall barrier

Roomba virtual wall

I already mentioned this!

iRobot introduced an advanced device that can create an invisible “virtual wall” to prevent Roomba from entering a specific area. This is compatible with Roombas from the 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, and I, s, e series.

Setting up is simple, and your Roomba won’t cross the border.

Here’s how:

  • Place the virtual wall unit on the floor where you want to block off.
  • Press the power button on the virtual wall unit. The unit will emit a green light, indicating that it is active.
  • Roomba will now avoid the area that is surrounded by the virtual wall.

You can move the virtual wall unit to adjust the barrier’s size or block off a different area. To deactivate the virtual wall, press the power button again.

3. Remap your home

Remap your house

One of the most fantastic features of iRobot Roomba is mapping technology. Using this feature, Roombas are capable of mapping out your entire house.

However, they may not always accurately map your home.

They can consider an open door or a wall and skip that area of the house the next time they vacuum.

So, to stop Roomba from falling downstairs, remapping your house is the best idea. Please read our complete guide to remap your entire home correctly.

4. Replace Non-Functional Cliff Sensors

Replace damaged sensor

Roomba’s cliff sensors are sensitive enough; they can be damaged without any reason. Fortunately, this also means that finding new components is straightforward.

Replacing the sensor takes only a few hand tools and a couple of hours to complete. iFixit’s helpful tutorial will walk you through the entire process.

But for this, you must first purchase a replacement sensor for your vacuum from Amazon.

I recommend the “caSino187 Cliff” sensor. It is suitable for a wide range of Roombas and simple to set up, even for non-techies.



Q: Can a Roomba detect and avoid stairs?

Yes, Roomba models equipped with cliff-detection sensors can detect stairs or drop-offs and avoid falling down.

These sensors help the Roomba identify changes in surface height and prevent it from descending stairs.

Q: How does the Roomba detect stairs or edges?

Roombas typically use a combination of sensors, such as infrared sensors or acoustic sensors, to detect changes in elevation.

When the sensors detect a drop-off or a change in surface height, the Roomba alters its path to avoid falling down stairs.

Q: What should I do to ensure my Roomba doesn’t fall down stairs?

To minimize the risk of a Roomba falling down stairs, you can create physical barriers, such as using baby gates or closing doors to restrict the Roomba’s access to staircases.

Additionally, keeping the floor area near the stairs clear of obstacles will help the Roomba navigate safely.

Q: Can I trust a Roomba to clean near staircases without supervision?

While Roombas have built-in safety features to avoid falls, it’s always recommended to supervise Roomba’s cleaning near staircases, especially if you have any concerns.

Being cautious and present during cleaning sessions can provide an extra layer of assurance.

Q: Can Roomba clean the stairs?

Roombas can do many things, but one thing they can’t do is clean the stairs.

That’s because they’re designed to clean only flat surfaces. If you have a staircase in your home, you’ll need to find another way to clean it.

But don’t worry. There are plenty of other options out there. You can find a wide variety of stair cleaners on the market, or you can opt for a traditional vacuum cleaner.

There are currently no robot vacuums in the market that can navigate on stairs. iRobot, the most well-known robot vacuum maker, has no models that can climb and clean stairs, despite 15 years of research and development.

However, as organizations work to develop smarter robots, this may soon change. Moreover, if you want robots to clean your stairs, you’ll have to wait for them to be advanced.

Q: Will Roomba bump into walls and furniture?

It’s normal for Roomba to bump into things while cleaning. However, if this happens frequently, something may obstruct its sensors.

Check for anything blocking the sensors (such as a rug or dust), and make sure Roomba’s brushes are clear of debris. You can also try resetting Roomba by pressing the Clean button for two seconds.