Why Are TV Shows Getting Ruined? (Or Are They Really?)


“Back in the day, people used to be super pumped about watching TV shows instead of movies or dramas. But nowadays, it seems like folks are totally ignoring them. I mean, just two years ago, my family members would practically sprint to catch the latest shows every week. But now, a whopping 80% of them couldn’t care less about watching shows. What the heck happened? Are TV shows going down the drain or what?” —Semlia, California

That’s an interesting topic, Semlia!

My mother and sister were also fans of TV shows. They would watch them regularly, no matter what was going on.

I remember a funny incident when my sister had flu and asked me, “Kader, pass me remote. I have to catch Keeron Mala (A popular Indian Indian TV show.

It was hilarious how obsessed she was with those shows back then. But now? She doesn’t even know if TV shows still exist!

However., there’s more to it than just a funny thing.

Here’s why TV shows might be losing their charm

According to The Washington Post, streaming TV is facing some serious challenges. They’re dealing with things like incomplete archives, less innovative programming, higher prices, and lower quality.

Both creators and viewers are starting to feel the effects of the television revolution.

Some streaming services are focusing more on producing safe and popular content rather than taking creative risks or supporting diverse voices.

For example, Netflix has canceled several shows after one or two seasons, such as The OA, Sense8, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and Tuca & Bertie.

This kind of stupid decision limits the variety and originality of content available to viewers and creators.

Some even feel TV shows are pushing political agendas and having to meet certain criteria to be picked up by streaming platforms. They feel this compromises the artistic integrity and originality of the shows.

Remember: Some TV shows still be original, quality, diverse, and attention-grabbing despite the challenges they face. Some viewers have different tastes or preferences and enjoy TV shows that others find boring or offensive.

1) Lack of Originality

As I just mentioned, content producers are prioritizing the production of safe and popular content at the expense of taking creative risks and supporting diverse voices.

And that’s why I think there is a lack of original and innovative storytelling in modern TV shows.

Many shows rely on formulaic plots or recycled ideas, leading to a sense of predictability or staleness.

2) Proliferation of Reality TV and Generic Content

Reality TV shows, game shows, and other formats that emphasize drama or spectacle have become popular over the years.

This shift has led to a decrease in quality scripted programming, with more emphasis on sensationalism and less on compelling storytelling.

3) Streaming Services and Fragmentation

The rise of streaming services has changed the TV landscape.

While it offers more options and diverse content, the increased number of shows has led to oversaturation and a decline in overall quality.

Additionally, the fragmentation of viewership across multiple platforms makes it difficult for shows to garner widespread attention or build a dedicated fan base.

4) Personal Preferences and Nostalgia

Often, people have fond memories of past TV shows and may compare them unfavorably to newer offerings. This nostalgia creates a bias towards older shows and a perception that newer ones do not live up to their predecessors.

Are they really? (My Opinion)

Let’s say you like a TV show called “The Good Place”.

You think it is a good show because it is funny, smart, and original. You enjoy watching it every week and you look forward to the next episode.

But then, something happens.

  • Maybe the show changes its writers or actors.
  • Maybe the show runs out of ideas or repeats itself.
  • Maybe the show ends too soon or too late.
  • Maybe the show does something that you don’t like or agree with.
  • Maybe the show is canceled or moved to another platform.

Any of these things could make you feel that the show is getting ruined.

But not everyone may feel the same way as you.

  • Some people may still like the show even if it changes or ends.
  • Some people may not like the show even if it stays the same or continues.
  • Some people may not care about the show at all.

So, whether a TV show is getting ruined or not depends on your perspective and experience.

Does that make sense?

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