Why Isn’t TV in 60 FPS, and Will It Ever Be?

Note: The main reason why TV isn’t in 60 FPS is because most video content is recorded at lower frame rates, such as 24 or 30 FPS. TV displays have to use various techniques to match the content’s frame rate to their own refresh rate, which can result in artifacts like the soap opera effect … Read more

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Factory Resetting a TV (When to and When Not to)

factory reset a tv

Whenever you search online for a troubleshooting guide for your TV, you may have noticed the phrase “Factory reset your TV.” Right? In general, this process involves resetting a TV to its original factory settings, thereby erasing any customized settings or configurations you have made. But do you know what it actually is? How it … Read more

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TV “Auto Power Off” Feature (Ultimate Guide)

TV Auto Power Off Feature

“Auto Power Off”— a feature on many smart TVs that many users are still unaware of. It’s a feature that automatically turns off the TV after a certain period of time or when there is no signal or activity from any connected devices.   When activated, TV will turn off every 15 minutes, in the … Read more

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Signs of TV Overheating (What You Have To Do)

A very common question among 95% of TV users is whether a TV can overheat. The simple answer is yes. Like any other electronic device, a TV can overheat, whether it’s a smart TV or a regular TV. However, the symptoms are often hard to spot. In general, signs of a TV overheating include the … Read more

TV Smells Like Burning: Causes and Solutions

TV smells like burning

When you invest in a high-quality TV whether it is 4k or HD, you expect it to provide an exceptional viewing experience with stunning visuals and crisp audio. However, encountering an unusual smell, such as a burning odor, can be concerning and raise questions about the safety and functionality of your TV. That’s common! But … Read more