TV HDMI Cables: An Ultimate Guide

an ultimate guide about tv hdmi cable

If you have a smart TV, chances are you use HDMI cables to connect it to other devices such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, streaming boxes, or soundbars. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and it is a standard that allows you to transmit high-quality audio and video signals through a single cable.   There … Read more

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Smart TV Operating Systems: Everything You Need To Know

popular tv operating system

Not all smart TVs are created equal. Depending on the manufacturer and model, smart TVs use different operating systems (OS) that affect their performance, functionality, and compatibility. OS is the software that controls the basic operations of a device, such as displaying the user interface, launching apps, and managing resources.   If you don’t know … Read more

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Sony TV Sound Not Working/No sound? (Easy Fixes)

sony tv sound issue fix

There are many reasons why your Sony TV’s sound is not working. Common issues include a temporary system glitch, incorrect sound settings, or problems with the TV’s firmware. Aside from these, loose audio cables or damaged internal sound processing unit/mainboard can also be responsible. Harry wrote Homespoiler: “I’ve had this Sony smart TV for a … Read more

Does TV Get Affected by Lightning?

Does TV Get Affected by Lightning

Yes, lightning can damage TVs. When lightning strikes near a TV, it causes a surge or spike in the power line, the phone line, the cable line, or the antenna that is connected to your TV. This results in overloading, overheating, short-circuiting, or burning of the electronic components inside the TV. Some of the common … Read more

How Do Smart TVs Work? (Features and Functionality)

How Do Smart TVs Work

As per a report from Statista, there are 123.8 million households in the United States with a TV for the 2022-2023 TV season. That’s absolutely a lot! But among them, around 30% of users don’t know exactly how a smart TV works! Maybe you’re one of them too! (Of course, It doesn’t matter) However, it’s … Read more