You need to Secure Your TCL Roku TV (Here’s Why & How)

tips to Secure TCL Roku TV

It’s funny to hear someone say, “my TV got hacked by a hacker,” right? But the truth is, like any other connected device, TVs are vulnerable to security threats. With the increasing popularity of smart TVs that can connect to the internet and run apps, the risk of hacking has also increased. According to NordVPN, … Read more

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Westinghouse TV Remote Not Working? (Check & Do this)

Westinghouse tv remote won't work

“Remote not working/responding”—a simple and quite common issue for smart TV users, especially those who use Westinghouse (a reputable old TV brand.) However, fixing this issue is often very easy. Sometimes it just requires a simple reset or thorough cleaning of the battery contacts. Here we go! Let’s dive into the troubleshooting… Why your Westinghouse … Read more

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Sound not Working on Sony TV? (Check out This)

sony tv sound issue fix

When it comes to watching TV, sound quality is just as important as picture quality. After all, what’s the point of having a stunning visual display if you can’t hear what’s going on? You are reading this article means you are having the same issue with your Sony TV. Right? Actually, this is common and … Read more

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Sony TV Turns On By Itself? (5 Tips to Solve this)

troubleshooting a sony tv that keeps rebooting itself

“I swear my Sony TV has a mind of its own. It turns on at the most inconvenient times, almost like it’s trying to communicate with me. I feel like I’m living in a sci-fi movie,” – John Smith, Sony TV owner. Like Jhon, you might be too the victim of this issue. Right? Actually, … Read more

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Hisense TV Black Screen issue? (Do these 4 Things)

Hisense TV black screen fix

‘My TV’s screen went black‘ is a common disappointed phrase that almost 95% of Hisense TV users throw around in many social media and TV-related forums. Let me tell you about my own experience. I’ve owned Hisense and TCL TVs for the last two years, and both have been performing as expected until now. However, … Read more

LG TV Not Programmed/Channels not working (Fixed)

lg tv not programmed fix

Channels not working or only displaying the ‘not programmed‘ message is a common issue with LG TVs. In fact, this problem is also prevalent in other TV brands. Recently, one of my readers contacted me and informed me that his TV shows the ‘Not-Programmed’ message despite his cable connections being okay. Thus, I have written … Read more

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