Dyson Airwrap Keeps Turning Off/Cutting Out (100% Fixes)

A Dyson Airwrap can keep turning off if the power cord is not securely connected, the device overheats, the filter is heavily clogged, or there is a malfunction in the main board.

If you notice that the device is overheated, the issue is specifically with the filter and internal circuit/motors.

However, if the device isn’t overheated, the problem lies with either the device itself or the power supply.

Lena sent us a message:

“Bought this new Airwrap just a few months ago. Spend 700$, but now it keeps stopping/shutting off. Tested the power cord, looks like it’s okay! What could be the issue?” —Lena, Newyork

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So, How Fix Dyson Airwrap Keeps Turning Off Step-by-Step

To Fix this issue:

  • Ensure the device is getting enough power supply.
  • Clean the air filter and all its attachments.
  • Test if the internal circuit is faulty.

Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Faulty Power cable or outlet isn’t working

checking the power cord for any damage

Before attempting any troubleshooting, I would recommend that you carefully check the power cable and outlet to determine if either of them is malfunctioning.

I suggest this because, prior to writing this guide, I watched several YouTube videos and read online forums.

One comment that caught my attention was from Homaira, who said:

“Who knew that a simple power cable swap would revive my Dyson Airwrap? I’m over the moon and ready to give my hair the royal treatment it deserves!”

So, inspect the power cable for any visible damage and check if the power outlet is supplying enough power consistently.

If necessary, switch to a different outlet.

Step 2: Wash the attachment

washing the dyson airwrap attachments

This step, I think, will be most helpful for those whose device is new and suddenly turning off continuously without any reason.

Attachments are important, just like the filter.

If it gets clogged with hair or any other object, there is a high chance that the device will shut off automatically as it can’t function properly.

However, cleaning the attachment is quite simple.

It only takes a couple of minutes and does not require any complex tasks.

Here’s how:

  • Take a mug of water and add a small amount of hair shampoo to it.
  • Shake the water until it becomes bubbly.
  • Place the attachment into the water and let it soak for about 30 minutes.
  • After the time has passed, take the attachment out and dry it completely before re-installing it.

Do not keep the attachment submerged in water for more than 30 minutes. There is a screw inside that can rust if left in water for too long.

Step 3: Clean the Air filter

cleaning the airwrap's air filter

If you haven’t cleaned this yet, do it right now.

In 90% of cases, this is the primary culprit when a Dyson Airwrap shuts off continuously.

I have already written an article covering how you can completely clean the air filter in less than 5 minutes.

If you don’t know how to do it properly, check it out from this link.

Step 4: The motor inside the Airwrap is overheating

One of the most likely causes of Dyson Airwrap turning off is overheating.

Dyson Airwrap has a built-in safety mechanism that automatically shuts off the device if it detects that it is getting too hot.

This is to prevent the device from catching fire or damaging your hair.

However, sometimes this mechanism can be too sensitive or triggered by external factors, such as ambient temperature, humidity, or airflow.

If you feel the device is very hot, take a break for about 30 minutes and let it cool down.

Avoid using the Airwrap on high heat for extended periods of time and take breaks every few minutes to let the motor cool down.


Q: How can I check if the power cable or outlet is working properly?

Plug another device into the outlet and see if it turns on.

If the other device turns on, then the power cable or outlet is working properly.

If the other device does not turn on, then the power cable or outlet may be damaged and you will need to replace it.

Q: What should I do if my Dyson Airwrap is still turning off when everything is OK?

If your Dyson Airwrap is still turning off after you have cleaned the filter and checked the power cable and outlet, you may need to contact Dyson customer service for further assistance.

Q: Is there a warranty on the Dyson Airwrap?

Yes, the Dyson Airwrap comes with a 2-year warranty.

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