How to Clean Dyson V11 Filter? (5 Easy Steps)

Are you struggling to clean your Dyson V11 filter? The world’s best cordless lightweight vacuum cleaner can be tricky to keep in top condition, but with the right tools and techniques, you can easily do it.

The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaners are some of the best upright ones, with strong suction power and an easy-to-navigate design. But to get the most out of your new machine, it’s crucial to maintain it well with regular cleaning and maintenance. One of the essential parts of any vacuum cleaner is its filter.

This guide will show you how to properly clean your Dyson V11 filter to keep your machine running at full speed without sacrificing its longevity.

How to clean the Dyson V11 filter?

In short: To clean your Dyson V11 vacuum filter, first, take the filter out of the machine. Then remove the dust cap. Pour a small amount of warm water into the filter and pour it out. Soak a cloth in warm water and place it over the filter. Rub the fabric around the filter to remove any dirt or debris. Next, twist the filter to remove any remaining dirt or debris, and then thoroughly rinse the filter with clean water. Finally, reinstall the dust cap and attach the filter to the machine.

I’ll go over all the steps in further depth below so you can easily do this without any trouble. You can also read our complete guide on how to empty Dyson properly if you struggle to do so.

Step 1: Unplug your Dyson v11

Unplug your vacuum

Before cleaning your Dyson v11 vacuum filter, turn off your machine and unplug it. You’ll also want to remove any attachments you have—the hoses, soft brush tool, extension wand, etc.—and set them aside.

Removing as much as possible from your canister will help speed the process and make your job safer, lowering the risk of an electric shock.

Step 2: Remove the filter

clean dyson v11 filter


The majority of Dyson filters are located near the cyclone. To clean the filter, safely lift it and remove it. They are usually purple in hue, which makes them easy to recognize.

Cleaning the Dyson V11 filter, as well as the V15, is simple. Because they’re both cordless and have a simple design, removing their filters is a breeze. These two models, pre-filter and post-filter, are close to the handle. Remove the pre-filter from the cyclone assembly, then rotate the post-filter counter-clockwise and remove it from the machine’s back.

It’s important to note that some Dyson upright vacuums have multiple filters. Look at the rear of the machine or inside the ball to see if there is a separate filter.

Step 3: Wash the filter

Clean the v11 filter

Once you remove the filter from the machine, remove any debris by gently tapping the pre-filter upside down, then run it under cold water both inside and outside. To get rid of any remaining particles, tap it once more and shake it off. This process may need to be repeated multiple times until the water runs clear.

Remove any extra water by squeezing it with both hands. Run water to the open end of the post-filter, then tap and shake it to dislodge any particles stuck inside.

When cleaning your filter, Dyson suggests avoiding using detergents and soaps. Cold water is enough; do not wash or put your filter in the dishwasher.

Step 4: Let the filter dry

Dry the filter

Once you have cleaned the filter correctly, it’s essential to let it dry completely before reinstalling it. If you put it in a tumble dryer, it can be damaged. So, please leave it in a warm area of your home for up to 24 hours.

Step 5: Reinstall the filter

After the filter has dried completely, reinstall it in your vacuum. You’ll be surprised at how much merely washing your filters may enhance the overall performance of your Dyson vacuum.

Cleaning the filter on your Dyson V11 every few months will help keep your vacuum running smoothly and prevent allergens from clogging up the machine. So try to clean it every month.


Q. How often should I clean my Dyson V11 filter?

You should clean your vacuum filter a minimum of once a month, but it may be more frequent if you use your machine heavily. After cleaning your filter, always leave it to air dry for at least 24 hours.

Q. My vacuum is pulsing after cleaning the filter!

If your Dyson V11 is pulsing after cleaning the filter, there are a few possible reasons.

The most likely reason is that the filter is still dirty after cleaning and blocking the airflow. Another possibility is that the filter isn’t seated correctly in its place. It could also be possible that there’s an issue with the filter itself. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced it, it might be time for a new one.

However, you can try the following things before replacing the filter or contacting Dyson.

☞ First, ensure the filter is completely dry before putting it back in the vacuum. If it’s still wet, the vacuum will continue to pulse.

☞ Next, check to see if the filter is installed correctly. If it’s not, the vacuum will also continue to pulse.

☞ Finally, ensure that the area around the filter is clear of debris. If anything is blocking the filter, the vacuum could also pulse.

If you’ve followed all these steps and the vacuum still pulses, it may be time to replace the filter. But if your vacuum is still under warranty, contact Dyson customers care and tell them about your problem. You will get a free repair service from Dyson.

Q. How often to replace the Dyson V11 filter?

The filter inside your Dyson v11 vacuum collects all the dust and dirt that the vacuum sucks up. Over time, the filter can get clogged, which reduces the vacuum’s suction power. That’s why it’s essential to replace the filter.

But how often should you replace your V11 vacuum filter? Dyson recommends replacing the filter every 12 months. However, if you have pets or live in a particularly dusty environment, you may need to replace it more frequently!

Q. What happens if I don’t clean my Dyson V11 vacuum filter?

If you don’t clean your Dyson filter, your vacuum will eventually lose suction power. The dirt and debris your vacuum picks up will get trapped in the filter, clogging it up.

Once the filter is clogged, the vacuum can’t suck up any more dirt and debris. So, if you want your vacuum to work correctly, it’s essential to keep the filter clean.

Q. What happens if I put the wet filter in my vacuum?

If you put a wet filter in your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it will cause the vacuum to smell bad and not work. The filter will also get clogged and must be replaced more often.

Q. So, How can I make my Dyson filter dry faster?

To do that, first, remove all of the water from the filter. Next, place the filter in a sunny location or in front of a fan to help speed up the drying process.

But If you need to vacuum sooner than 12 hours, turn a hair dryer to “Low” and plug in the dryer power cord. Hold the filter four inches away from the dryer and blow dry it.

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