How to clean Dyson V11? (7 Easy Steps)

Are you struggling to clean your Dyson V11 vacuum? The world’s best cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner can be tricky to keep in top condition, but with the right tools and techniques, you can easily clean your Dyson V11 vacuum.

Many people (myself included) don’t think about cleaning their Dyson. Don’t get me wrong, they look pretty clean when you take them out of the box—but there is a lot of dust and hair that goes into your vacuum cleaner over time. This debris can cause allergies and other health problems and even shorten your vacuum cleaner’s lifespan!

To keep your Dyson V11 at its best, it’s essential to clean it often, whether full or empty of dust and dirt. This guide will go over the steps you need to follow in cleaning your Dyson V11 vacuum properly.

How to clean Dyson V11 vacuum

In short: To clean your Dyson V11 vacuum, remove the dustbin from the Vacuum and empty it into a trash can. Next, remove the filter and wash it in cold tap water. Allow it to air dry completely before putting it back in the Vacuum. Then clean the hose and Brush and ensure they are both debris free. Finally, thoroughly clean the entire Vacuum once again.

Now, I’ll go over all the steps in further depth below so you can quickly do this without any trouble. Keep reading…

Step 1: Gather cleaning aid

clean dyson v11: cleaning aid

To clean your Dyson v11 vacuum, you must need the following things.

  • Basin
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Compressed air (optional)
  • Distilled white vinegar (optional)

Step 2: Unplug your Dyson

unplug your dyson v11 to clean

Before you start cleaning your Vacuum, the first thing you should do is unplug your Vacuum from the wall outlet or charging station. Also, remove any attachments you have—the hoses, soft brush tool, extension wand, etc.—and set them aside.

Removing as much as possible from your canister will help speed the process and make your job safer, lowering the risk of an electric shock.

Step 3: Empty and scrub the dustbin

Empty dyson v11 dustbin

The next step is to pull out your Vacuum dust canister and empty the bin. Typically, the dust canister is located beneath the cyclones. There’s a red “bin release” button on various models’ bases.

By pressing this button, release the dust canister from the Vacuum. It may be located in a different location depending on the model, but it should not be too far away. If you’re not sure where it is, look in your manual.

Sometimes the bin release button (red lever) can get stuck, and you will not be able to empty the dustbin. If this is the case, read our complete guide to unstuck this bin release button.

Once you find the red lever, press it to release the bin and empty the debris into the trash. Make sure to give it a good shake to eliminate as much dirt as possible. With a microfiber cloth, clean the inside of the dust canister.

Microfiber is a good material, which means it can quickly grab dust and dirt particles and keep them properly in place, preventing them from spreading back onto the dust canister.

Dyson suggests not using any washing powder to wash out the dust canister — chemicals may make the material sticky. Some user manuals also state that no water should be used to clean the Dyson cyclones. If the cyclones are clogged with dirt, you can use a compressed air device to remove them.

Step 4: Wash the filters

Wash Dyson v11 filter

The third step in cleaning the Dyson v11 is washing the filters with cold water and removing as much dirt as possible. The filters on your Vacuum play a vital role in keeping your home clean. It traps dust, pollen, bacteria, and dirt particles in the air.

This means that the filters must need to be cleaned out over time. Many Dyson filters are purple, and you can find them near the cyclone. There will be multiple filters on some Dyson upright vacuums.

Run it under cold tap water to clean dust and debris from the filter. Squeeze the water out and repeat until the water flows clear. (Don’t use any chemicals or detergents powder to clean the filter) Once the filter is clean, let it dry completely before reinstalling it in the Vacuum.

Don’t put it in a tumble dryer; it can be damaged. Instead, leave it in a warm area of your home for up to 24 hours. I recommend reading my complete step-by-step guideline on cleaning the Dyson v11 filter before you start cleaning the filter.

Step 5: Remove the tangle from the Brush

After washing the filters, it’s time to clean the Brush. It collects hair, debris, and grime from your floors and carpet and can accumulate and tangle with time. If you don’t clean it regularly, the roller brush may stop spinning and lower cleaning efficiency.

There are two types of Brush in the head of the Dyson v11. One is a fluffy attachment, and the other is a standard Brush. It would be best if you cleaned both of them. Otherwise, the blockage will enhance friction and wear, which is terrible for durability.

☞ Clean Dyson v11 Fluffy attachment

Clean the Fluffy attachment

To clean the Dyson fluffy attachment, follow the below steps:

  • First, take out the roller attachment.
  • Then wash it thoroughly with cold water.
  • Now let it dry.
  • Finally, reinstall the rollers.

☞ Clean the standard Brush

clean the standrad brush

To clean the Dyson V11 main brush, 

  • First, remove the cap by using a coin
  • Take out the Brush.
  • Now clean the Brush with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • And finally, reinstall the Brush in its place.

On the other hand, you can manually remove large particles from the Brush with scissors. For this, cut away any hair or anything else tangled around it.

Step 6: Remove the clog from the hose

Clean dyson v11 hose

Your Vacuum’s hose may become clogged over time, lowering the suction power. When cleaning your Vacuum, don’t forget to disconnect the hose from your Dyson. There’s a button to disconnect it from the wand in many cases.

Then, look inside the hose for any debris. If debris is stuck in the hose, use a mop handle and push it through. To make this process easier, follow the below steps:

  • First, fill your kitchen sink with one cup of vinegar and warm water.
  • Hold the hose in a U shape and then soak it in the solution.
  • Now flush the hose with warm tap water.

Allow it to dry completely before reconnecting your Vacuum.

It’s better to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning the vacuum hose. This could lead to irreversible damage. Instead, use distilled white vinegar to create your household cleanser to destroy germs and bacteria.

Step 7: Clean the outside of your Vacuum

Clean outside of the dyson v11

Finally, clean the outside of your entire Vacuum. You’ll need a damp microfiber cloth; don’t oversaturate your machine! Consider cleaning your Vacuum’s soleplate and wheels.

If you’re tripping over soiled floors and carpets, they may also carry dirt. You can do this by using a solution of diluted vinegar. Just make sure your Vacuum is completely dry before using it again.

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Q. How often should I clean my Dyson V11 vacuum?

Like all other vacuums, the Dyson v11 needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance. The frequency you need to clean your Dyson V11 will depend on how often you use it and how dirty your floors are.

If you use your Dyson V11 daily on relatively clean floors, you can get away with cleaning it once a week. Otherwise, you can clean it every two to three weeks.

Empty the dustbin after each use and wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. You should also detach and clean the filter minimum of once a month.

Q. How do I get rid of the bad smell in my Dyson V11?

If your Dyson v11 smells bad, you can do a few things to eliminate the smell.

  • First, make sure that the bin and cyclone are clean.
  • Empty the bin and wash it out with cold water.
  • Clean the cyclone by removing the dustbin and washing it with tap water.

You may also want to try cleaning the filter. To do this, remove the filter and wash it with soap and water. Finally, if the smell persists, you may need to replace the filter.

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