Are We Going to Miss Another NFL Sunday Game, Too?

In the ongoing money dispute between DirecTV and Nexstar, many NFL fans are concerned about missing their Sunday football games.

Last week, many DirecTV customers couldn’t watch their favorite teams play due to this financial disagreement, and there’s uncertainty about this coming Sunday too!


Since July 2, DirecTV hasn’t had access to 159 local stations owned by Nexstar.

Additionally, they’ve also lost around 30 network affiliates due to separate fee disputes involving Mission and White Knight (both managed by Nexstar). These blackouts affect popular networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, the CW, and Fox.

Now, many DirecTV users are wondering if they’ll have to go without NFL games again this Sunday.  Well, the answer depends on whether the two companies can come to an agreement by then.

But there’s some hope.

Tom Carter, a senior advisor at Nexstar, hinted that they might be making progress.

He mentioned at a Bank of America investors conference,

“We’ve made some progress. We won’t make a bad deal, but we expect to reach an agreement at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, because we all agree that it’s not good to upset the consumers.”

When TVanswerman asked about DirecTV’s stance on this, their spokesperson only said,

“We’re still talking and don’t have any more updates right now.”

Now, there’s a positive sign in this current situation.

Neither DirecTV nor Nexstar is publicly blaming or complaining about each other. This is different from what they usually do when they disagree.

It suggests that maybe, this time, they are trying to set aside their problems and work together to find a solution.

However, the chances of a deal before Sunday’s NFL games are uncertain because the negotiations are complex, and there’s a history of tension between the two companies.

But there’s a reasonable hope for an agreement because neither party wants to disappoint their fans!

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