Westinghouse TV no Signal? (Do this 4 Things)

westinghouse tv has no signal fix

Westinghouse TVs have a reputation for reliability, but like all televisions, they can have issues from time to time. One of the most common issues is having no signal on your screen when you press the power button. You might see that your TV turns on normally and the remote functions typically, but there’s no … Read more

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Roomba Not Charging 101 (Fixing this issue)

Roomba not charging fix

The Roomba, a widely sought-after robot vacuum cleaner, has garnered a reputation for being one of the top choices among consumers. However, despite its popularity, the device is not without its fair share of issues. A significant portion of users, 85% to be exact, have reported that their Roomba frequently stops charging and does even … Read more

Roomba Blue Light 101: Understanding its Meaning

An indicator light on an electric device, whether red or blue, can often create concern in the user’s mind that something is not working correctly. However, this is not always the case. In fact, many devices have indicator lights that serve as a visual aid to inform the user of the device’s current status or … Read more

Westinghouse TV not Turning On? (5 ways to Fix)

Westinghouse tv not turning on

It’s not uncommon for Westinghouse TVs to experience some sort of malfunction, such as not turning on at all. In fact, about 40% of users have reported this issue. There are various reasons for this problem to occur. It could be due to a faulty power cable or a damaged circuit board. Essentially, anything can … Read more

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Westinghouse Roku TV Stuck on Logo screen? (3 Ways to Fix)

Westinghouse tv stuck on logo screen fix

You just bought yourself a fantastic new Westinghouse Roku TV, and now you want to get it set up and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies. When you turn on the TV, however, instead of seeing your favorite show’s logo, you see a screen that says Initializing… with the Roku logo in the middle. … Read more

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Roomba not connected to cloud? (Check this 4 Things)

roomba not connected to cloud fix

Roomba connects itself with the cloud via a wifi connection and allows users to remotely control their vacuum cleaner, schedule cleaning times, and receive notifications about the status of their device through a smartphone app. If your vacuum is showing “Roomba not connected to cloud” or the cloud can’t talk to Roomba, it means Roomba … Read more

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