Is Onn a good TV? (Yes, 2 Reasons Why)

Is Onn a Good TV

ONN is a line of TVs offered by the world’s greatest brand “Walmart” that has recently been gaining popularity among consumers. But is it really good, as people claim? or is it worth investing in? Well, in this article, I will break down everything you need to know about ONN TVs, from the features and … Read more

Fixed: Onn TV sound issues (Volume too Low/not Working)

How to fix onn tv sound issues

Without sound, your Onn TV is dumb! That’s right! What’s the point of using an Onn Roku TV when you can’t hear any sound or the sound is too low? Basically, when an Onn TV’s sound is too low or stops working, a temporary system glitch is usually the main culprit. However, in this article, … Read more

Onn TV reset Button location (Here it is)

Not to mention, when your TV is stuck on the photo screen, behaves strangely like not working, and doesn’t let you go to the settings, TV’s physical reset button smiles on you! Why? Because it knows that this is the time for it. Wait, you are reading this article means you are having trouble finding … Read more

How to Turn on Onn TV without Remote? (100% Working)

How to turn on onn tv without remote

For whatever reason, you have lost your Onn TV’s remote, or it has stopped working, and now you are stuck trying to figure out how to turn on the TV without using the remote. Right? Actually, this is quite a common issue for many smart TV users, not only for Onn, but also for other … Read more

How to Reset Onn Roku TV (With or without Remote)

How to reset onn tv

Resetting an Onn Roku TV, compared to other TV brands available in the market right now, is relatively easy and simple. There are two methods: one is by pressing the physical reset buttons and the other is by going to the TV’s settings menu. Both processes require a few minutes to complete. In this article, … Read more

Onn TV Remote not Working? (Do this 6 Things)

Onn tv remote not working fix

The issue that many ONN TV users experience is that their TV remote sometimes stops working or does not respond to commands. This issue is not unique to ONN users but is also common among top brands such as LG. While a simple power reboot can fix the issue, it often requires more advanced troubleshooting. … Read more

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