Onn TV Stuck on Photo Screen? Here’s the Fix

Your Onn TV might seem stuck on the photo screen when you turn it on, but that’s not the case! This can be frustrating if you’re eager to start watching your favorite shows, but the problem is easy to fix and not as serious as it might seem.

Here’s how you can fix this issue and start enjoying your TV again!

Why does my Onn TV stuck on Photo Screen?

why does my Onn TV stuck on Photo Screen

One possibility is that there is a problem with the TV’s firmware. This is the most typical cause of the Onn TV remaining on the image screen. Another possibility is that there is an issue with the HDMI connection on the TV. The TV may become stuck on the picture screen if the HDMI connection is damaged or loose. A motherboard fault or other hardware or system issues can also trigger this issue.

Fixing the Onn TV stuck on the photo screen issue.

To fix your Onn TV, if it is stuck on the photo screen, try unplugging it and then plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the TV. To do this, press and hold the reset button on the back of the TV for 30 seconds. After a factory reset, your problem should fix.

I’ll go over all the potential solutions in further depth below. But before that, look at the bellow table for a better understanding of this troubleshooting guide.

TV stuck on the photo screen
Reasons Solutions
Software Glitch Reboot your TV
Outdated Firmware Update your TV
Malfunctioning software Reset your TV

1. Power cycle your TV

Power cycle your Onn TV

It may seem simple. But the most common method of getting your Onn TV to come back on is to unplug it from the wall socket. Wait at least 60 seconds after unplugging.

Before plugging it back in, be patient and ensure it’s been at least a minute. Find and press the power button on your TV for a minimum of 30 seconds while it is unplugged.

Make sure you’re pressing the power button on your TV rather than the remote!

This will help to drain any remaining power from the TV and allow it to soft reset. This isn’t the same as simply turning the TV on and off! After 60 seconds, plug the TV back in, and it should power on without a glitch.

2. Perform a Factory Reset

Onn tv remains on photo screen

If unplugging and replugging your TV doesn’t fix your problem and your Onn TV still won’t turn on and is stuck on the photo/logo screen, you must reset your TV to its factory setting.

Remember that a factory reset will erase all of the TV’s data and settings you have made (such as WiFi and wired network setting information, Google account, and other login information).

You will find a reset button on the backside. To reset your Onn TV remote, follow these steps:

  • First, turn on your TV.
  • Then locate the reset button. (This is usually located on the back of the TV, near the inputs)
  • Once you find it, take a ballpen.
  • Now, press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds using the pen.

You can read our detailed guidelines to reset your Onn TV using or without a remote by clicking here.

Don’t let the reset button until you see the Onn TV logo appears on the screen. Once the logo appears, you can let it go.

3. Update your TV’s Firmware

onn tv stick on picture screen

As mentioned, your TV may be stuck on the logo screen if its firmware is outdated. Firmware is software stored on a device, such as a TV, that helps to run the machine. Onn TVs are no different, and it is crucial to keep the firmware up to date to ensure that the TV is running correctly.

Onn releases new monthly updates to improve its system’s performance and eliminate various minor bugs. If you update your TV, there is a chance that your problem may be fixed. To do that,

First, download the latest firmware version from the Onn website. (Be sure to choose the correct model number for your TV)

Right-click the downloaded firmware file, then select “Send To,” “Extract” (or “Zip“), and the extraction program loads onto the screen.

Connect a USB drive to your computer and copy the downloaded firmware file to the drive.

Click “Start,” “(My) Computer,” then right-click the removable device icon and select “Eject.” (Disconnect the USB flash drive from the USB port on the computer once the icon disappears.)

Power down the Onn TV, plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the TV, and then power the TV on.

The device will automatically detect the inserted USB flash drive and begin to upload the data onto the TV. Once complete, a prompt appears on the screen, telling you to remove the flash drive from your computer system.


1. Nothing worked. What to do?

Call a technician if you’ve tried everything and can’t solve the problem! Because of their experience, they can resolve the issue quickly.

But if your TV is under warranty, contact your nearest Onn service center. They will come out and instantly solve the problem.

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