TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working? (7 Quick Fixes)

Have you ever had the experience of trying to change the channel on your TCL Roku TV only to find that your remote isn’t working? It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when relaxing and watching your favorite show.

Trust me; I know the feeling all too well. It happened to me just the other day, and it took a bit of troubleshooting to get my TCL Roku TV remote working again. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some of the steps I took to fix the problem and other potential solutions that might help if you’re experiencing the same issue.

Why is my TCL Roku TV Remote stopped working?

Why is my TCL Roku TV Remote stopped working

There are a few potential reasons why your TCL Roku TV remote may have stopped functioning correctly. One of the most frequent culprits is that the batteries have run out of power or are not correctly installed.

Alternatively, the remote may have become unpaired with the TV, resulting in a lack of communication between the two devices. However, these are the primary reasons your TV’s remote has stopped working.

  • The remote is too far away from the TV.
  • TV is not set to the correct input source.
  • Batteries are dead or improperly installed.
  • The remote is not properly paired with the TV.
  • TV software or firmware needs to be updated.
  • Remote is blocked by an object or electronic interference.
  • The remote is damaged or has physical buttons that are stuck or not functioning correctly.

TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working -How To Fix?

To troubleshoot your TCL Roku TV remote, if it is not functioning correctly, check the batteries. Ensure that they are still good and provide enough power. If the batteries are in good condition, try reprogramming the remote with the TV.

Before moving on to a more detailed solution, please refer to the table below for a better understanding of this problem and its potential solution.

Reasons Solutions
TV’s Software Glitch Reboot/Update
Dirty IR sensor Clean the Sensor
Dead Batteries Replace the Batteries
Dirty battery contacts Clean them

1. Power cycle your TV

power cycle your tcl roku tv

It may seem absurd, but unplugging your TV from the power outlet is often the simplest solution to getting your TV remote to function again.

To begin, unplug the TV from the outlet and wait for at least 60 seconds. After this time has passed, locate the power button on your TV and press it for 30 seconds.

Make sure you’re pressing the power button on your TV rather than the remote!

Now, plug the TV back in and see if the problem has been resolved. If the remote is still not working, move on to the next step.

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Step 2: Reprogram the remote

Reprogram the remote with your tcl tv

If you have performed a power cycle and your issue persists, it may be necessary to reprogram your remote control again. It’s also possible that the remote is not functioning correctly due to a loss of connectivity with the television.

Here’s how to reprogram your remote with the TV again:

  • Turn on the TV and stand about one meter away from it.
  • Point the remote at the TV.
  • Press the “OK” button on the remote repeatedly until a message on the screen indicates that the remote has been recognized.

Now use some menu commands to test the remote. I hope it will fix the issue. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Typically, the remote control and the television will pair automatically when powered on. However, there may be instances when you need to pair or re-sync them manually.

Step 3: Clean the IR Sensor or remove the blockage

Clean the IR Sensor of your TCL remote

It is possible that an obstacle between your remote and your TV, such as walls or furniture, is causing issues with the remote’s ability to control the TV. This is because the remote control uses an infrared signal to transmit data to the TV.

If this signal is blocked or hindered by an obstacle, the TV will not receive the signal and will not respond to the remote’s commands.

So, the third step in fixing this issue is ensuring that your TV gets the proper signal without interruption. Try moving the TV or the remote to a location where they have a clear line of sight to one another.

Also, don’t forget to clean the IR sensor on your remote. Because, over time, it gets dusty and can prevent from sending the signal.

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Step 4: Check the IR sensor to see if it’s working

Check the IR sensor if it's working properly

Both the remote and TV use infrared light to transmit and receive signals. This light is essential for communication between the two devices.

If this light is damaged or not functioning correctly, it can cause problems with the remote’s ability to send signals. Who knows if this malfunctioning infrared light is the root cause of the issue you are experiencing?

However, here’s how to check it:

  • Look at your remote through the screen of your phone’s camera app.
  • Press any button or a set of buttons on the remote.
  • A red light will blink through the camera screen with each button pressed on a functional remote.

If the red light on your TV remote does not flash when you press a button, the battery is either dead or completely broken. In this case, you may need to replace your TV remote.

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Step 5: Reset your Remote’s battery

Reset your tcl Remote's battery

If you have already tried cleaning the sensor and unplugging your TV from the wall outlet, but the problem persists, it may be time to try a different solution.

Remove the batteries from your remote control and hold the power button for approximately 30 seconds. After this time has passed, put the batteries back in your remote and test if it is functioning properly.

If the issue persists, you can try a more drastic reset by removing the batteries from your remote. This time, hold down the power button for a full 60 seconds. This action will drain any residual power that may be left in the remote, effectively resetting it. Once the 60 seconds have passed, reinstall the batteries and check if the remote is working correctly.

Step 6: Clean the Remote’s battery contacts.

Clean the Remote's battery contacts

Remove the batteries from the remote once again, and then look for any chalky white powder, solidified granules, or green coloration on the top and bottom of the battery.

Remove the batteries immediately if you notice any corrosion, and appropriately dispose of them. After removing the old batteries, thoroughly clean the terminals to ensure they are free of any residue or damage.

Once the terminals are clean, insert a new set of batteries into the remote and test to see if it is functioning properly.

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Step 7: Update your TV’s system

Update your tcl roku TV's system

Although most software updates are installed automatically, there may be times when you need to update the software manually. Suppose your TV is using an outdated version of the software. In that case, it may cause several issues, such as strange behavior from both the remote and the TV, slower performance, difficulty connecting to specific apps, getting stuck on a red screen, or freezing on the logo screen.

Outdated software can also cause problems with the remote pairing properly with the TV or selecting the wrong menu items on the screen. However, here’s how you can update your TV:

  • From the Home screen, go to Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Select System Update.
  • Select Check Now.

If an update is available, a pop-up message will appear. Press “Update Now” to begin the update process. Once the update is installed, your TV will automatically restart.


Q. Nothing worked! What to do?

If you’ve exhausted all other options and your TV remote is still not functioning properly, it may be time to invest in a new one. There are a few options available to you for obtaining a replacement remote.

You can purchase one online through a retailer like Amazon or check with your local electronics store or vendor to see if they have any options in stock.

Keep in mind that it’s essential to choose a remote that is compatible with your specific TV model, so be sure to double-check the product details before making a purchase.

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