We Analyzed 300+ Forum Discussions and Concluded This About Hisense TVs

Back in 2022, Hisense became the top brand in the Laser TV category with a 53.5% global shipments share.

In Q2 of the following year, 2023, Hisense achieved a 13.7% volume share in TVs worldwide, marking a 19.3% year-on-year increase in shipments.

They are mainly famous for offering smart TVs with great picture quality at a very affordable price, of course, compared to other giant players in the current market!

However, Hisense has received a fair share of negative feedback and complaints from users over the years, and a significant number of users washing their hands with it.

Analyzing Methodology  
Analysis Approach We reviewed forum discussions only related to Hisense TVs. Since there are hundreds of forums online, we only selected Reddit, AVForums, and AVSForum for their diverse user base.
Forum Selection Criteria Forums were chosen based on their popularity, active user engagement, and relevance to TV discussions. Only threads with substantial user interactions and discussions specific to Hisense TVs were included.
Total Discussions Analyzed We looked at about 318 forum discussions (approximately four thousand comments) to get a good understanding of what people think about Hisense TVs.


OK, what’s the deal?

As per Consumer Reports, Hisense TV has a predicted reliability rating of Fair, which means that 20 percent of Hisense TVs will experience a problem within the first five years.

This is a bit higher than the average of 16 percent for all TV brands.

Interestingly, we found that at least 27% of people who bought a Hisense TV regret their decision and are really frustrated with it.

Here’s a snapshot:

Sometimes, it turns on and has just decided to be dark. In a normal menu on my ps5. Dynamic contrast is off, local dimming is off, auto black levels is off (set to normal). It seems to try to figure out what brightness it wants to be, but never settles.Scales777

“I hate everything from Hisense, including their shit TV. Sadly, their support is terrible too.”—Etnie007

“Ours just completely burned out after a year and a half. We were watching TV then it kept blinking on and off every 3 seconds and nothing worked to fix it so it went into the garbage”—According_Climate591

“Bought a 65Q9G and it’s not 120 Hz as advertised. Their support said they won’t do anything because the TV is 120 Hz although my xbox says the opposite. They can straight lie to consumers and get away easily. Never again.”—MidninBR

“My A7G software is peace of shit and I will never buy anything from Hisense again. No software updates since I got it. I kinda solved constant eARC problems with cheap IR blaster and Home Assitant automation, that toggles eARC setting if wrong audio format is selected after TV turns on. 😁 Kind want this shit to die so I can justify getting better TV.”—dz1nt


Common complaints against Hisense TVs are:

  • Terrible customer service.
  • Rampant dirty screen effect.
  • Bad blooming despite many more dimming zones.
  • Slow brains.
  • Dolby vision likes to skew toward yellow
  • Need a flash drive for more memory.
  • Doesn’t last long and dies out quickly. (Max 2 Years)
  • QA/QC is terrible.
  • Not great out of the box, needs tweaking.
  • Stop providing software updates after a year or two!

You hate Hisense, Right?

No, I’m not a Hisense hater!

Actually, I have three of their TVs at home for about two years now – 55” U6G, 65” U8G, and 75” U6G. Went with Hisense mainly because the price is very cheap with a decent picture quality. 

The 55” U6G sometimes has volume issues. Everything else works fine, but sometimes when I turn on the TV, there’s no volume.

The Peacock app also causes some problems.

65” U8G occasionally flashes back to the Home Screen while I’m watching something. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s been occurring more often lately.

On the flip side, the 75” U6G has been trouble-free so far.

So, you can say, “I’m quite pleased with them“.

But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend buying a Hisense if you have other options or care about buying another one soon. Quality Control is its biggest issue. If you do decide to get one, make sure you can easily return a defective unit.

Luck is the critical player here!

Not a single brand, from LG, Samsung, and TCL to ONN, Hisense, or Vizio, can guarantee that its TV will last forever.

After a few months or years, you may start facing common issues such as not turning on, a black screen, no sound, or even display problems. These issues are pretty widespread, no matter the brand.

That’s why most brands only offer a one-year warranty!

If you are lucky and the TV starts acting up during the warranty period, you will receive free repair service.

However, if you exceed that time, you will either need to call a repairman or spend hours Googling for a solution!

In our analysis, we found that, on average, 75% of users claimed their TVs are still working well.

The U7G is the only one ive had issues with. I have 2 older models in my house that still work like a champ.RIDETHESYNTHWAVE

“Most people post on forums only if there is a problem. There’s a few who just post about how they love their tv but its the minority.”—based-Assad777


Of course, most of their TVs were old models.

It could be that Hisense is prioritizing quantity over quality nowadays. Or maybe they’re doing it intentionally 🙂

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Thanks! But I have no option other than Hisense

Well, then don’t use the TV’s software!

Abdur Rahman said:

“The biggest problem with any ‘smart TV‘ is that they don’t provide long-term support, and their apps are not great. I have 3 smart TVs and 2 of them no longer receive new updates. It’s best not to use the TV’s built-in software and instead, add a streaming box. The TVs will work for years and years.”

So, whether your TV has a fresh main board and is functioning correctly, make sure you use an external streaming device (I Love Apple TV 4k most) and don’t connect the TV itself to the Internet.

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