2 Actual ways to Reset a Roomba (For any Models)

This is a comprehensive guide to resetting a Roomba.

The Roomba vacuum is one of the most powerful and effective robot vacuums on the market. But you might need to reset your Roomba if it is experiencing frequent breakdowns or if it stops picking up dirt in an area that it used to clean.

In this article, I am going to explain in detail how you can reset your vacuum by forcing it to factory settings and making it like brand new!

When do you have to reset your Roomba?

When you should do this?

Although this is not the topic of this article, some of the users may still be confused about this.

Bear in mind that resetting the Roomba will not fix your issues all the time, and also remember that you don’t need to reset your vacuum every time it faces a problem.

The following are the two most common conditions in which you must reset your robot:

1. After the battery replacement

When you should reset your Roomba

Because nothing lasts forever, a battery’s lifespan will be reduced over time and use. If your roomba won’t dock or its battery runs out of juice too quickly during a cleaning cycle or is not charging, it’s a sign that it’s having issues. When this happens, you’ll need to replace your robot’s battery, and after the battery replacement, you have to reset your Roomba.

2. Software issues

Reset your roomba if has Software issue

Like any other digital device, the Irobot Roomba also operates by software. If it goes wrong, your vacuum will stop working or will spin around without cleaning. Your Roomba may need a reset when you will see:

  • The scheduled cleaning is automatically deleted.
  • The machine is unable to clean accurately.

These symptoms suggest that your robot has a lot of data in its memory or is facing a software bug. In this case, you have to reset your vacuum so that it can clear out all of the unneeded data that is causing this issue!

But, before you perform a factory reset on your Roomba, are you sure you need to? If you’re having minor troubles with your Roomba that can be quickly fixed, there’s no need to factory reset it. Simple issues, such as outdated batteries, can be fixed by just replacing the battery.

Resetting a Roomba to Factory setting

Factory reset your Roomba

You can do in two ways! One is manually by pressing and holding the deck’s button, and the other is by using Home App.

All your data, like logins, stored maps, and preferences, will be permanently removed after a reset. You need to reconfigure your Roomba and remap your house once again. So, be sure to backup them if needed.

1. Reset your Roomba manually

Reset your roomba manually

As there are a variety of models of Roomba available on the market, I have divided this guide into different sections so that you can easily read the part that matches your vacuum’s model.

☞ Roomba 600, 800 and 900 Series

  • At the same time, press and hold the DOCK, SPOT CLEAN, and CLEAN buttons.
  • Wait for a beep tone from the Roomba.
  • Let go of the three buttons.
  • To complete the factory reset, the Roomba will restart.

 ☞ Roomba E series

  • At the same time, press and hold the HOME, SPOT CLEAN, and CLEAN buttons.
  • Keep the buttons pressed for a total of 20 seconds and then Released them.
  • To complete the factory reset, the Roomba will restart.

☞ Roomba i and s series Reset

  • At the same time, press and hold the HOME, SPOT CLEAN, and CLEAN buttons.
  • Wait for the white light ring around the CLEAN button swirls.
  • Released the 3 buttons and you are done.
  • To complete the factory reset, the Roomba will restart automatically.

2. Reset Roomba via Home App

Reset your Roomba vacuum via home app

To reset your your vacuum via Home App, follow the bellow steps.

  • First, open the “iRobot Home App” on your smartphone.Open the home apps
  • Ensure that your smartphone and tha Roomba are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.Select setting from menu
  • Press the ❝factory reset❞ option and you are done.Click on reset option
  • To complete the factory reset, the Roomba will restart automatically.

I Hope you will be able to do so without any trouble. If you still have any other question, let me know in the comment box. You can also share your experience with me.


1. When to reset Roomba?

If your Roomba isn’t working as expected, you may need to reset it to factory default settings. You should reset your Roomba if you:

  • Are experiencing repeated cleanings of the same areas.
  • Are experiencing any charging or software related issue.
  • Have moved your Roomba to a new location
  • Have changed your home’s floor plan
  • Want to give your Roomba to someone else

Whenever you need to! Whether it’s for troubleshooting purposes, to prepare for a sale, or just for a fresh start, there’s no wrong time to hit that reset button.

2. Will resetting affect Roomba’s motherboard?

No, a factory reset will not affect the hardware of your vacuum. This will only reset the software back to its original state. Almost all modern vacuum brands provide this feature. A factory reset may be a good option if you are having problems with your device.

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