Roomba Not Charging 101 (Fixing this issue)

The Roomba, a widely sought-after robot vacuum cleaner, has garnered a reputation for being one of the top choices among consumers. However, despite its popularity, the device is not without its fair share of issues.

A significant portion of users, 85% to be exact, have reported that their Roomba frequently stops charging and does even not charge at all.

This issue, though disheartening, is not necessarily a sign of a defective or broken device. More often than not, the problem can be resolved with a simple fix that you can perform on your own.

Well, In this blog post, I will explore the common causes of Roomba charging problems, the signs to look out for, and tips for preventing charging issues in the future.

The Roomba Charging Conundrum

Why roomba isn't charging

Before delving into potential solutions, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the Roomba Charging Conundrum. This way, you will get a detailed overview of this issue, its signs, and the prevention measures in the future.

1. Understanding why Roomba won’t charge

Several factors including dirty or damaged charging connectors, worn-out battery, or malfunctioning charging dock can trigger this issue.

Some of the most common causes include:

  • A faulty power outlet: If the power outlet you’re using to charge your Roomba is not working correctly, your Roomba may not charge.
  • Dirty charging connectors: Over time, the charging connectors on your Roomba and dock can become dirty, making it difficult for the Roomba to charge.
  • A dead battery: If your Roomba’s battery is dead, it won’t charge.
  • A software bug: Sometimes, a software bug can also lead your Roomba to this issue.

2. Common signs of charging problems

Sometimes, your vacuum may not be charging because it is already fully charged or is currently in the midst of an internal working process.

However, there are a few signs to look out for to ensure this:

3. Tips for Preventing Charging Issues in the Future

Preventing charging issues is not a difficult task. It simply requires a few simple, regular maintenance steps.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Clean the charging connectors regularly.
  • Make sure to use a functioning power outlet.
  • Keep the Roomba and dock in a dry, dust-free area.
  • Make sure to use the original battery and dock for your model.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Roomba Charging Issues

In short: To troubleshoot the charging issue on your Roomba, clean the charging dock and check the charger cable. If that doesn’t work, replace the Battery.

It is worth mentioning that, in 95% of cases, cleaning the charging ports with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol can fix this issue.

However, if this does not work for you, further troubleshooting may be necessary, such as replacing the battery or cleaning the caster wheel.

Possible Reasons Solutions
Defective Battery Replace the Battery
Damaged power cord Replace cord
Dusty charging contacts clean the contacts
Software issue Factory reset Roomba

Here is the process:

  • Use another power outlet: Check the power outlet and cable. If you suspect that the power outlet you are using is faulty or the cable is damaged, try using a different outlet or a new power cable to charge your Roomba.use another plug to charge your Roomba
  • Clean the charging connectors: Take a dry cloth and clean the charging connectors on your Roomba and dock. This can help remove any dirt or debris that might be preventing the Roomba from charging.clean roomba's and home base's charging contacts
  • Clean the caster wheel: The caster wheel aims to keep the Roomba at the proper height and provide sufficient space under the device to sweep away dirt and dust. If the Roomba’s caster wheel is dirty, it can prevent the Roomba from making a proper connection with the dock. So, clean the caster wheel with a dry cloth.clean the caster wheel
  • Remove and then reinstall the battery: Resetting the battery often resolves charging issue. Possibly the battery may have been dislodged from its original position. To check this, open the back cover plate, remove the battery, and reinstall it.remove and then reinstall roomba battery
  • Factory reset your Roomba: Chances are that a software bug is causing this issue. If this is the case, a factory reset may be able to help. Thankfully, we have detailed instructions for correctly resetting a Roomba, which you can find at this linkfactory reset roomba to fix charging issue

Unfortunately, if none of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above resolve your Roomba’s charging issue, you may need to replace the battery or charging dock. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest vacuum repair shop for further assistance.

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Q. The Home Base light is on, but the robot is not charging- what to do?

It could be an issue with the Roomba’s charging connectors or the caster wheel. Clean both and ensure they are free of debris.

Q. How to charge Roomba without the home base?

Unfortunately, there is no way to charge Roomba without a home base.

But, If your Roomba has a charging jack on the side, you can charge it using an iRobot charging power supply without a home base.

Q. How to know if your Roomba is charging?

When the Roomba returns to the home base station, a battery icon will appear on the iRobot vacuum, and the charging light on the dock station will also illuminate. Still, it may turn off due to a power-saving feature.

Keep in mind that not all the Roomba models work similarly. In some models, the power light blinks for a few seconds after plugging in and then stops. In others, like the i3 and i7 series, their light indicators are off when charging, which is perfectly fine.

However, I’ve created a table to share the battery status indicator for every Roomba model to keep things simple and helpful.

The top of this table will have older models like the Roomba 500 or 600, while the bottom will have more recent models like the i3 and i7:

Model Charging Partially charged Fully charged
Roomba 500 series Amber Pulse Amber Green
Roomba 600 series Amber Pulse Amber Green
Roomba 700 series Amber Pulse None Green
Roomba 800 series Amber Pulse None Green
Roomba 900 series Amber Pulse None Green
i3 and i3+ Blinking white ….. White
i7 and i7+ Blinking white ….. White

Q. The charger light on my Roomba won’t stay on- what could be causing this?

Like other electronics, Roomba provides feedback to the user when charging. If you don’t come back after a specific time, you won’t know.

This is true for the Roomba charging point, but if your charger has the energy-saving feature turned on, the light that displays everything is working will turn off after 4 seconds.

You can observe the battery status by pushing the “CLEAN” button to see if your Roomba is charging correctly. The level will show that the device is receiving power correctly.

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