Sony TV Turns On By Itself? (Do this 5 Things )

Have you ever had your Sony TV turned on by itself? No, I don’t mean when you are watching it and then get up to do something and come back to find that the channel has changed or someone has turned it off. I mean, when it is turned off, and then, all of a sudden, it turns back on or it just keeps rebooting.

The Sony TV in my living room turns on itself at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes I’ll be sleeping, but it happens just as frequently while I’m out of the house and back at work during the day. It’s incredibly annoying to come home from work to see my TV turned on when I know I didn’t use the remote control. I even bought a new remote control, which didn’t help.

To fix this problem, I did a lot of research. Fortunately, I found some ways to fix this problem, and I decided to explore the issue in this article and provide some working solutions.

Why does my Sony TV keep rebooting?

Sony tv continuously rebooting

Before diving into the solution, it’s essential to know what exactly causes this issue. Otherwise, you could end up with a hefty power bill or, worse, a fire hazard. However, there are several potential reasons why your Sony TV keeps restarting.

One possibility is that your TV is simply responding to an input signal. If you have an input device, like a cable box or streaming stick, that’s constantly sending a signal to your TV; your TV may be just turning on to display that signal.

Another possibility is that an internal timer, HDMI, or CEC might accidentally be set to turn on the TV.

It’s also possible that your TV is just malfunctioning. The power button may get stuck in the “on” position if your TV is older. Or, there could be a problem with the power supply that’s causing your TV to turn on by itself.

Fixing the ‘Sony TV turns on by itself’ issue

In short: To troubleshoot if your Sony keeps turning on by itself, first ensure all of the cables are plugged in securely and that there are no loose wires. If everything appears to be plugged in correctly, try rebooting the TV. To do this, unplug the TV from the wall outlet and then plug it back in. Once the TV is rebooted, it should no longer turn on by itself.

Not fixed? Relax! There are also some advanced ways like turning off Eco-mode and HDMI-CEC to fix the issue. Before we go into those, take a look at the bellow table for a better understanding…

Reasons Solutions
Eco/HDMI-CEC Turn off them
Loose power Cable Tighten the Cable
Malfunctioning Remote Reset your Remote
Automatic software update Turn it off
TV Software glitch Reboot/Reset

Step 1: Turn off Eco-mode.

Sony tv on and off itself

There’s an eco mode on many modern televisions, also available on Sony TVs. This mode saves energy by automatically controlling various settings on your TV. However, in some cases, turning off eco mode can solve your problem.

To disable eco mode on Sony TV, you must first disable the sleep timer. You can disable the sleep timer and eco mode by following the below steps:

  • Press the “HOME/MENU” button on your remote.
  • Scroll down to “SETTINGS” and then PREFERENCES > Clock/Timers > Timer.
  • Now Turn it off.

After that, scroll down to ECO and turn off Power Saving, Idle TV Standby, and Auto Shut Off options. Once you turn off the eco mode, you might notice your issue going away. If this does not work, move on to the next step.

Alternatively, keep eco mode on and see if there are any other settings you can change to keep your TV from automatically turning on when it’s supposed to be off.

Step 2: Turn off HDMI-CEC

Sony tv auto turning on and off

The second step in fixing the TV’s auto-turning-on issue is to turn off the HDMI-CEC option from the setting. It is like a feature that helps your connected devices work better together. And with this feature, you can control your HDMI-connected devices partially.

Sometimes, HDMI devices are set up by default to turn on the TV automatically. Since Sony TV has this feature and you are facing an auto-turning-on issue, you should check this before moving to the next solution. To turn off HDMI-CEC,

  • Press the settings button on your remote. 
  • Then go to Watching TV > External Inputs > BRAVIA SYNC/LINK
  • Now, Switch off all of the Bravia Sync settings.

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Step 3: Check the Remote

Sony tv rebooting continuously

A primary reason that could cause this issue is a malfunctioning remote control. If your remote’s battery is low or one of its buttons is stuck, it could send a signal frequently, and in response to the signal, your TV will turn on automatically.

In this case, first, check if any button is stuck. If not, remove the batteries and press and hold the power button on the remote for about 20 seconds. Put the batteries back on the remote and switch on the TV. Check if the problem has been solved. If not, replace the batteries.

Step 4: Factory reset your Sony TV

Sony tv turn on and then off immediately

If your problem remains, a factory reset may solve the problem. Basically, A factory reset will restore your Sony TV to its settings on the day you purchased it and will fix any Internal software-related error.

However, you can reset your Sony TV using or without a remote. I will discuss those methods so that if you still don’t have a remote, you can do it reset your TV.

☞ Factory reset using a remote.

  • First, press the “HOME/MENU” button on your remote.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Then select “Storage and Reset.”
  • Finally, choose “Factory Data Reset.

Once done, restart your TV and configure all the settings you need!

☞ Reset without a Remote

If you don’t have a remote or you lost it, don’t worry! You can still reset your TV using the reset button. Generally, the reset button may be on the right-hand side, the left-hand side, or the very bottom of the TV. Or even underneath! To do that,

  • First, unplug your TV.
  • Then press and hold the “POWER” button and the “VOLUME DOWN button simultaneously.
  • Keep holding those buttons and plug your TV back in.
  • Release the buttons once you see the Sony logo or green light on the front of the TV.

It may take a few minutes for the reset process to finish, but once it has been done, your TV should no longer switch on itself!

Warning: A factory reset will remove all the custom settings from the TV’s memory that you made. So, make notes of specific settings to update your TV after the reset.

Step 5: Turn off Automatic Software Updates

Turn off sony tv automatic software update

Still, reading? Very bad! The last thing you can do is turn off an autocratic software update. Disable automatic updates for a while to see if this is the problem. To do that,

  • First, tap on your remote’s “HOME/MENU” button.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Then “Customer Support.”
  • Now turn this “off.”

If this way solves your problem, all you have to do now is remember to check for software updates manually to keep everything up to date.

Step 6: What to do if nothing work?

If your Sony TV is still rebooting after you’ve completed all of the troubleshooting methods above, you should contact the Sony TV support team immediately. The phone number is- 12392456354.

Sony TV Turns on and then off immediately.

Sony tv turn on but then off immediately

Although Sony TV is one of the most advanced TV brands available on the market, there are specific common problems you can get, such as the TV turning on and then shutting off on its own.

Fortunately, there are some fixes that you can try before contacting Sony customer care or calling a repairer.

Step 1: Check the Remote

Sony tv remote malfunction

Sometimes, dust and debris can gather on your remote’s power button and trigger malfunctioning signals that cause self-turning on and off problems.

So, ensure that your remote’s buttons are debris and dust free. If it is OK, then move to the next step!

Step 2: Disable the timer

Sony tv just restarting

Sony TV has some excellent features, among which the timer is the best. This timer option helps you shut off the TV automatically after a certain period, and it is the best option if you fall asleep while watching the TV or if you are setting it for your toddler to watch TV for a limited time.

However, you might have set it wrong, which might have shut off the Sony TV. So, make sure that the timer is disabled.

Step 3: Soft reset your TV

Power cycle your sony tv

If you still face this problem, power cycle your TV. It may seem simple, but in 90% of the cases, just unplugging and replugging the power cable fixes the problem.

So, after unplugging the power cable, wait at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in. While your Sony TV is unplugged, find and press the power button for 30 seconds. Make sure you’re pressing the power button on your TV, not the remote!

This will help drain any remaining power from the TV and allow it to soft reset. This is not the same as simply turning on and off the TV! After 60 seconds, reconnect the TV, and it should power on without a glitch.


Q. What does CEC mean on Sony TV?

If you’re a fan of television, then you’ve probably seen the letters “CEC” on your TV screen. But what do they actually mean?

The letters “CEC” stand for “Consumer Electronics Control.” CEC is a feature that allows your TV to communicate with other CEC-enabled devices. This means that you can control those devices with your TV’s remote control.

If your television has a CEC button on the remote control, you can use it to control other CEC-enabled devices that are connected to the TV. For example, you can use the CEC button to turn on/off your DVD player or change the volume of your sound system.

Q. My Sony TV turns on and then shuts off blinking red light

If your Sony TV turns on and then shuts off with a blinking red light, it could be a sign of a few different issues. One possibility is that the television is overheating and needs to be cooled to prevent damage.

Another possibility is that there is a problem with the power supply or the television itself. In this case, it’s better to contact Sony customer care for further assistance or repair service.

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