LG TV Blinking Codes: (Full List & Troubleshooting Guide)

LG TV blinking codes are a bit complicated to understand!

Yet with a little patience and the right guide, you can decode these blinking codes to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with your LG TV.

Well, in this article, I will break down all the available blinking codes of an LG TV and what they actually mean!

Let’s dive in…

List of Blinking Codes of an LG TV

List of Blinking Codes of an LG TV

Blinking patterns vary depending on the TV model and manufacturing year.

In certain models, there are only two blinking patterns (3 and 4 times), but in other models, the red light blinks 2, 6, or even 7 times.

However, here are the most common blinking patterns:

  • 2 blinks: Hardware problem.
  • 3 blinks: Faulty power board capacitor.
  • 4 blinks: TV is overheating.
  • 7 blinks: Issue with power supply, inverter board, or the LCD panel.
If your LG TV red light blinks 3, or 4 times, it indicates faulty capacitors in the power board or overheating of the TV’s circuit board. But if the LG TV red light blinks 7 times, the problem most likely lies with the power supply, the inverter board, or the LCD panel itself.


Take a look at the following Infographic:

lg tv blinking codes list
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How to Fix LG TV Red Light Blinking

  • Perform an HDMI reset.
  • Test the TV’s power flow.
  • Clean dust and debris from the main board.
  • Replace the power board.


Here are the detailed guidelines:

Step 1: Perform an HDMI reset

hdmi resetting lg tv blinking codes issue

This is the first and most effective method that I always recommend as the initial troubleshooting step.

It’s essentially similar to power cycling, but it goes one step further.

In power cycling, you just disconnect the TV from the power and then reconnect again after a specific time. But in HDMI reset, you will make this process even more drastic.

Here’s how:

  • Completely disconnect the TV from the power source.
  • Similarly, disconnect all HDMI-connected devices from the TV.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • During this time, press and hold the TV’s power button for about 15 seconds.
  • Once done, power the TV back on.

Now, check whether the TV turns on correctly and if the TV’s standby light is still blinking.

Pro Tip: Do this at least 3 times. Sometimes, the first two times might fail, but who knows if the third time will do the trick?

Step 2: Clean Inside Your TV

cleaning lg tv internal components

This is to keep things safe!

Usually, a little dust on the circuit board doesn’t make an LG TV flash red and act up. But if there’s a lot of dust or ants inside, it’s a different story.

The power board gives power to different parts of the TV, like the main chip, screen, and sound stuff.

If the power board gets dirty and can’t give steady power, the TV might not work well.

It might even make the red light blink!

Here’s how:

  • Take off the back of the TV carefully, using a screwdriver or the right tool. Remember where the screws go.remove the back panel cover of lg tv
  • Use a can of air to blow dust away from the vents, fans, circuit boards, and other parts. Don’t get too close with the air, or it could hurt the parts. You can also use a soft brush or cloth to gently wipe dust away.blow away dust and debris using a can compressor

When you finish cleaning, put the back of the TV back on and screw it in place.

Plug in and turn on the TV to see if everything works like it should.

Be careful not to touch capacitors, wires, or connectors with your hands. They might still have electricity and could shock you or hurt the TV. If you need to unplug any cables, mark them so you know where to put them back later.

Step 3: Mainboard issue

lg tv main power board is malfunctioning

If the issue continues even after the reset, your TV’s main control unit, called the motherboard, might be broken, or some part inside it could be damaged due to too much electricity.

Sometimes, this can occur if the TV gets more electricity than it can handle.

But if you have some knowledge about how electronic parts work and how they should appear, you can open the TV and see if any parts have been damaged by too much electricity.

If you’re unsure, hand it to a skilled repair person.

Don’t attempt anything you’re not comfortable with. The best choice is to have LG, the TV manufacturer, fix it.

After all, who knows their TV better than the people who made it?

What Should You Do If Your LG TV Breaks?

claim lg tv free warranty replacement

The tricky thing about this issue is that finding a new mainboard for an LG TV can be tough.

Usually, your best choice is to get a whole new TV.

But here’s a positive: your warranty might help you out.

Just make sure the warranty is still active before asking for a new TV.

LG will inspect the TV to make sure you didn’t cause the damage before approving your claim. Sometimes, they might even send someone to check.

However, if the damage wasn’t your fault, they’d likely give you a whole new TV.


Q: What do the blinking codes on my LG TV indicate?

The blinking codes on your LG TV’s power indicator usually indicate a specific issue that the TV is facing.

These codes are often designed to provide a diagnostic tool for identifying the nature of the problem, such as power supply issues, overheating, or hardware malfunctions.

Q: What are some common reasons for the red light blinking on my LG TV?

Common reasons for the red light blinking on your LG TV include power supply problems, overheating, faulty components, and software glitches.

Each blinking pattern can offer insights into the specific issue that your TV is facing.

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