LG TV Stuck on Quick Access (How To Fix)

There are several reasons why your LG TV may be stuck on the quick access screen, such as:

  • The TV has encountered a temporary system glitch.
  • TV is overheated.
  • Internal storage is full.
  • The system has crashed.

However, most of the time, simply power cycling the TV fixes this issue. If this doesn’t resolve the problem in your case, try the following:


Here are the detailed guidelines:

The Solution: Perform an HDMI reset

fixing lg tv's quick access isssue on lg tv

This is not similar to power cycling.

In power cycling, you just turn off the TV, wait for 10-20 seconds, and then power the TV back on. Right? But in HDMI resetting, you are going to make this process even more robust.

Here’s how:

  • Disconnect the TV from the power source completely.
  • Similarly, disconnect all the HDMI cables attached to the TV.
  • Now wait for 5 minutes. (Be patient)
  • During this time, press and hold the TV’s power button for about 20 seconds.
  • Once done, power the TV back on.

That’s it…

This should solve the problem. But if not, you can try factory resetting the TV to the default settings. Here’s the Link.

Note: Don’t forget to check the remote control. Sometimes, if the remote is faulty or has an IR issue, TV will seem like it’s stuck.

However, if you were able to get rid of the Quick Access feature and want to disable it, here’s how:

  • Press the Settings (cog icon) on the remote.
  • Navigate to All Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Find Quick Start+ and toggle it to the off position.


Q: Can a software update fix the LG TV Quick Access issue?

Yes, only if the issue was caused by the TV’s firmware.

However, since you are unable to exit Quick Access mode, you have to resolve it manually.

Visit LG’s official website, select your model, and download the compatible firmware for your TV. Then, insert the file into a USB flash drive and flash the TV’s RAM with the firmware.

That’s it…

Q: Is there a way to fix the Quick Access issue without resetting the TV?

Maybe, if the issue can be resolved by firmware updating. Otherwise, resetting is the last and most effective solution for this.

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